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Our price for clipping path service starts at $0.49 USD per image and you get great discounts for bulk images.

You can have a rough idea on pricing we do offer as follows!

Track Order

We always think in way that our clients feel it favorable as always. Online order tracing is a live and system generated way that cleints can get updates for the jobs ordered at any instant on specific job under the account you have with CPC.

So you are always updated on the status of your order, how many image already completed, how much time left and etc.


Here are more than a few diverse methods you can apply to receive & send your photos.

Online Uploader
This is a flash up loader which you can utilize to receive & send many of your photos as you wish for. It permits you to up numerous photos at one time. Applying this up loader you also be able to download your done photos. You obtain right to use to this up loader through signing in to this site.
To know more on the subject of our online up loader just click here

FTP Upload Download
Click here to know what FTP is, how to apply it and acquire the details of FTP login.

Other Options

Applying your own FTP server
If you’ve your own FTP server and also you wish to utilize it to receive and to send photos which are also achievable. So therefore you just need to send us the signing details and then we will save the photos to the server.

You Send It, Send This File etc.
If you choose you also can send photos through these alternatives.