In Photoshop there are many processes of raster to vector image tutorial. Let’s make clear to you some.

Raster to Vector Image

1. In opening, choice a raster image which you think would be the world-class exemplar for this tutorial of Image Conversionor simply save the photograph in your PC I applied under for this tutorial intention and put it into Illustrator.

2. Now press “P” from keyboard or pick “Pen Tool” to the tool-box simply to select it.

3. After that go to the palette of color = choice red and then choose blow weight in the middle of 0.25-0.50 pt.

4. Now press in the edge of the photograph in addition to go to your mouse in front faintly, let mouse to go. Following a distinctive space, click once more on the edge of the photograph as well as carry on the related mode in anticipation of you attain to the target. Earlier you’ve move toward to the opening place; “O” sign will approach into outlook. Here press onto it to close the path.

5. Before you’ve ended path, get on “Shift+X” into keyboard / would execute via taking off color palette in place to shift stroke color into color fill up.

6. Now you’re satisfied all the way through the shape, remove the sole photo in addition to put the color you wish to utilize. You could necessitate practicing for simply some time’s sketch path applying pen tool hence as to draw exact shaped path.

Optimize that, this tutorial will aid you to learn how to make image conversionimage Conversion.