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Our price for clipping path service starts at $0.49 USD per image and you get great discounts for bulk images.

You can have a rough idea on pricing we do offer as follows!

Track Order

We always think in way that our clients feel it favorable as always. Online order tracing is a live and system generated way that cleints can get updates for the jobs ordered at any instant on specific job under the account you have with CPC.

So you are always updated on the status of your order, how many image already completed, how much time left and etc.


Photoshop Clipping Mask Service

It is possible to create terrific effects like text filled beside a photograph in quicker way by the

Photoshop clipping mask techniques. The most concern of this services are simplific-
ation of process of editing, limiting the superb effect of adjustment of layers for a portion of
any image. It performs in sensible and helpful ways in Photoshop.
It's got the marvelous popularity among the people around the global folks those who require
smoothly perfection for image manipulation services. This feature is employed
often to generate text effects in which texts appear as if cut it from a photo & other uses which
will examine in a bit concept. Clipping Path Center (CPC) provides you the top quality and best
rated photo editing services.

We provide a bunch of clipping and masking techniques so as to image
masking all categories of photos or pictures. Any image manipulation task will be
done one of the simple manners through the application ofthis services. You’re
permitted to execute on Illustrator mask to manipulate business regarding photos/images
creating multi layers. Clipping path/masking characterizes over many pictures considering
the text creating multiple layers and finally terrific output will be appeared greatly.

You can create transparent your mask in another way that's it. It’s mixed
up on totally different layers. Every overlying layer may be visualized conveying the advantage of clipping
masks. At least a pair of or more layers are required to make a clipping mask. How to create clipping
masking effect that's shown as follows:

How To Generate Photoshop Clipping Masking effect that's Shown As Follows

•          Copy clip art pictures or footage on the clipboard.

•          Create fresh documents with the contents with transparent background.

•          Make additional new layer.

•          Insert necessary photos from the clipboard.

•          Switch to the transparent bottom layer then paint any region with the Photoshop brush.

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