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Photo editing services providing at CPC are world famous, to every project that we take on. Whether you need quick edits to your photo for use in E-commerce or a total photo retouching of a personal picture, Our photo retoucher are here to help you get the results you need, fast.


How Photo Editing Done

How Photo Editing Done

Photo Editing for Fashion Products

Photo Editing for Fashion Products

Photo Editing for Fashion Gadgets

Photo Editing for Fashion Gadgets

Photo Editing For All Projects

CPC’s team of trained professionals photo retoucher is ready to take on your project. With experience working on all types of edits and every graphics file type, we’ve got the expertise needed to tackle your online photo editing needs. To get the best results, send us the most significant, highest quality image you can. Don’t convert it again, just send it to us in whatever format is handy.

Our Photo Retoucher can:

  • Remove background, items, and people
  • Fix poor lighting and exposure
  • Remove tints, clean up dust and fix color correction  issues
  • Perform portrait retouching on people — remove blemishes, fix makeup and improve skin tone and features
  • Perform specialized eCommerce edits like ghost mannequin and neck joint
  • Stitch together multiple images to form a single composite

Photo Editing namely ghost mannequin and neck joint for eCommerce

When it comes to specific edits like ghost mannequin and neck joint, nobody has CPC beat. We’re the go-to source for hundreds of internet retailers for editing product images for display and advertising. Not only can the photo retoucher remove mannequins and models from shots of your product, but we can also use pictures from other angles to create a digital composite and show the backside of your product where the mannequin covered it! It creates the illusion that your product is floating in the air while preserving the pleasing shape it takes while worn.

CPC can perform a variety of services like clipping pathbackground removingcolor correctionneck joint, masking, photo retouchingphoto restorationphoto enhancementraster to vector and other services. It designed to help you showcase and advertise your products. We offer bulk rates for large orders. Contact our staff today to find out how we can help your business grow!

Portrait and Model Retouching

“Nobody is perfect.” We don’t believe that you should have to get Hollywood stars to be the subjects of your photos. With all these photo editing services, you don’t need to! Our complete professional package offers a complete makeover. We start by removing blemishes and spots, clean up dust while improving skin tone. We then move on to highlighting features and perfecting any makeup. Finally, we revisit your image as a whole and make sure that the lighting, mood, and contrast all make your subject look their absolute best!

While this process works best for people, we’re also happy to touch up your products or items. We can buff a scratch out of your car in seconds or clean up dust from a subject. Don’t want things to look edited? No problem. At CPC, we’re happy to make understated, subtle edits when we need to.

Your Projects Done Right

At CPC, we believe in the value of our brand. That’s why we’re committed to giving each project the time and effort it needs to accomplish correctly. We hope that our commitment to quality work, excellent customer service, and competitive prices will help us build a relationship and help you with your entire photo editing needs in the future. You can also try our free trial service. We offer free Trial Service Up to 02 images.


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Corona (Covid 19) strike has no impact on our regular image editing services. We have locked ourselves in a safe place. So we can keep us protected and provide 24/7 services.