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Clipping Path Center Inc. is a professional photo editing service provider. CPC promises affordable hand-drawn path and background removal services. Usually, Clipping Path is often cited as “deep etching,” “cut-outs,” or making a “silo” ( Industrial short form of “silhouette”). Moreover, it supports further editing in prepress, product, or model photography post-production. 
Our photo editors are highly skilled and trained for advanced photo editing services. They have outstanding experience and expertise in this field for the last Ten YearsMost importantly, we are using the latest Adobe Photoshop software for editing images. 
CPC specializes in image clipping, silo, background changing, for eCommerce and product photographyHence, we are capable of providing high-quality photoshop editings.

Cost-Effective Cut Out Image Services

Our cost-effective cut out image can help you minimize your operating costs. Moreover, it saves your time, effort, and extra resourcesOutsource images to us and give your business a cutting edge in the competitive field. 

We use the latest tools and software to ensure accuracy and a high-quality finish. Whatever, you need us to edit, -is entirely up to you, we are ready. Our retouchers can modify one or hundreds of images. Our photo editor team is experienced in clipping path service, retouching, or any photo editing.



As a leading offshore clipping house, CPC provides top quality Photoshop clipping services. We provide high-quality Photoshop photo editing and eCommerce product image editing services worldwide. Our quality work, friendly customer support, and on-time delivery system prove us a clipping path company.
Moreover, your images are safe with us. We never use, sell, or share your images in any circumstances. CPC is incorporated in CANADA and our production house is in Bangladesh.

we are implementing TRUST PILOT for better customer satisfaction.


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High-Quality, Faster and Affordable Clipping Paths 

CPC is famous for its working process, flexible price, and quick turnaround. We use the best software for good quality work. Besides, we have dedicated photo editors who can do any editing jobs in a perfect way. Thus, our clients are always happy and satisfied.
CPC uses the pen tool to create a hand-made clipping path. Moreover, remove the background and create a pure white background. If you want to get an accurate result, the pen tool is the best option to make a path. When you use the pen tool to draw an outline of an object then it takes time. But it will gift you an accurate result.
A lot of software is available on the web to simplify the image clipping process. Automated clipping may reduce the cost in effect but the outcome is often worse. As it is not possible to take care of every image properly.
Besides, there are several companies that draw an object by using the magic wand tool. It’s fast, and with high dynamic range images, it works great. But it can get inaccurate close to the edges. But, it can be very bad if it goes bad.


We ensure clipping paths done with high quality & proper attention to the details. Thus, we zoom-in 300% & use the Photoshop pen tool to draw lines across the edge. Moreover, our pixel-perfect paths assist in further editing task to impress consumers & clients.


CPC always focuses on OTD. Our photo clipping experts are very fast in creating paths and capable to meet any tightest deadlines. Even if you are in a rush, you can get your job done within an hour or before. So, no need to worry about on-time delivery. 


As the best photo clipping service provider, we ensure the lowest cost. Our basic clipping price starts at just $0.39 USD per image. But it depends on the quantity & complexity of the images. Send us images with the requirement to get a custom quote. 

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Our Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path

Clipping Path Service

The magic of Adobe Photoshop makes images more beautiful and eye-catchy. Clipping path Service using the pen tool is the key to any Photoshop photo editing needs. Pixel perfect selection by our path experts allow you to edit any part of your images. You may fix the color, lighting, or contrast of either the image or the background. These small changes make a big difference.
Moreover, our Photo clipping experts select every single part of an image and edit. We never compromise quality in creating a path. We go around the product edge and create a hand-drawn path using the pen tool to cut out the subject from the background.
Background Removal

Background Removing

Some photos have unattractive backgrounds. Or sometimes, the background is so lovely that it takes away focus from the primary image. Our photo editors remove the background and replace it with a catchy one. So, the unattractive image becomes catchy and luxurious for a wide range. Above all, people will not be able to tell the difference between the original image and the finished one. Our background remover uses the pen tool to remove the hard-edge image background. Beside, Background eraser tool or image masking is used to remove soft-edged images. CPC is famous for pixel-perfect high-quality background removal.
Transparent Masking Services

Photo Masking

Photo masking is a process of Photoshop to remove complex background from soft-edged images. Like hair, fur, Muslim, or any transparent object background.
Photo masking technology has several levels. Layer masking manipulates image opacity to enhance, or reduce, visibility of certain parts of the picture. Clipping mask enhances the lower pixels to highlight selected portions of the photo. Alpha challenge masking, the final method, is even more exciting. Our photo editor uses a sophisticated, multi-channel approach to enhance (or diminish) hair color. The result is a sharp, realistic image that appeals to more customers.
Digital Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Transform flawed pictures into beautiful images with advanced photo retouching. That helps to promote your product or service. Even the most amateur photographer has dabbled in this exercise from time to time. Unfortunately, the results were usually lackluster.
The final photos almost always either appeared altered or blurry. But that’s not the case anymore. Our Photo retouchers are experts in fixing this type of issue. Rather than blocking the defective parts, it is now possible to make subtle changes to the photos. That includes editing the model’s lips, eyeliner, skin, eyebrows, and more. So, you will get a perfect image as your requirement.
Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation helps to make shirts, hats, dresses, and other apparel images bribable. Instead of changing models to particular websites or campaigns, seamlessly change the image.
Image manipulation leaves the primary image untouched. But changes almost everything else about the picture, depending on your preferences.
Now, you can not only put your clothes onto a real person instead of a mannequin. Instead of re-doing photo session, you can take help from our retoucher and enhance beauty. That ability gives your e-Commerce campaign an edge over the competition. We are experts in any kind of Photoshop photo editing services.
Color Correction

Color Correction

Color is the most effective factor for an image display. Usually, an image may affect by poor color, light, contrast, or any other thing.  Our color correction service is here to help you with natural-looking images.
Our photo editor makes adjustments to underexpose or poorly-lit images. And convert them into a catchy one as well as useful marketing use. We can fix any issue of the images at a single touch and at a cheap cost. The color variant is very helpful for adding a new color to existing product images. That will save your budget time or energy. You can create several images within a single shoot to represent the image in a different color.
Deep Etching Service Example

Deep Etching

Transform the images you have into the photographs you want with deep etching. This process involves cutting out the digital image and replacing it with a new one. Our retouchers can change the background, the photo itself, or both. Furthermore, these alterations are almost invisible to the naked eye.
Deep etching means total control over the color palette, so there is no settling for second best. Moreover, the original image remains in place throughout the process. And, our photo editor adds another layer to the picture. That opens the door for almost limitless possibilities. Thus, try our quality Photoshop services.
Clipping mask

Clipping Mask

Move the primary image onto a different background with our clipping mask technology. The entire process is almost seamless, so the final result looks nothing like a touch-up photo. Instead, the clipping mask gives it a new life. Use the same primary image in different contexts without going back to the drawing board.
Imagine it, and our photo retouchers can make it happen. The clipping mask process uses pathways, masks, and other tools to adjust edges, points.
All this activity takes place in a matter of minutes, so you get the results you need when you need them.
Photo Editing

Photo Editing

Instead of discarding unusable images, bring them back to life with photo editing. Photo editing covers a wide array of actions, from removing shadows, spot, dust, scratch on a model’s face. Along with all changes of the entire image. Our editor can even string several photographs together and create a seamless photo.
In all these situations, the final product looks like it came from a lens and not from a laboratory. As a result, your customers see clear, sharp, natural-looking images that entice them to buy. Thus, instead of spending more on other photography, you get more traffic on your website.
Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement

Give two-dimensional photographs of three-dimensional image quality with photo enhancement. We start by removing surface imperfections on the image, like blemishes, and shadows. Then, we add depth to an image, separating it even further from the background.
Finally, our photo editor adjusts the background to enhance the subject. The result looks like an original photograph. The laboratory-altered look is a thing of the past.
Our editors are not satisfied with low-quality results, neither are our customers too. Photo retouching services are also available on-demand since no one likes to wait.
Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector

Bridge the gap between color-rich, pixel-based images, and clean, raster to vector converter. Adobe Illustrator is particularly ideal for changing digital photos into vector images. Vector conversion also enables designers to trace images. It is a breakthrough that almost raises roof design possibilities. The conversion works both ways. Our vector editor can also take a vector-based image and bring it to life with dense, colorful pixels. The process we use is almost automated, so you see results fast. Our vector conversion service features detail-oriented sub-pixel precision and advanced node selection capabilities.
logo design

Logo Design

Generate memorable, colorful logos that reflect your brand and broadcast your message. If you can imagine it, our logo design team can make it happen. The process begins with a conversation. Once we understand your goals, we are committed to bringing them to life. That collaborative spirit does not end. Typically, our clients come up with preliminary designs.
Then, we add a professional touch that only years of experience make it possible. That includes advice on color schemes, design shapes that make the logo attractive. Instead of spending your precious time, you can leave the work to our logo design team.

Clipping Path Samples

hair masking example
Photoshop Clipping Sample
shadow and color correction service example
E-commerce Companies Where We Have Contributed Thousand of Images:
contributed image work for big brands

Why Clipping Path Center Inc.?

We have 150 professional Photoshop experts ready to fulfill your needs. Most of them are educated from the Graphic Arts Institutes. They are professionals in advance photo editing and retouching. That is why it is possible to deliver world-class editing works. Plus, we are appreciated by our clients for quick, friendly customer support. Besides, there are some key benefits to our clients. Be confirm! You will get your designed help form us.

Why CPC infographics

Key Benefits

It’s a pleasure to work with amazing people like you. CPC never compromises quality and you guys also, always appreciate it. We have outfitted to provide HQ editing works and hassle-free experiences.


  •  Up to two free trials to judge quality.
  • Up to two free trials to judge quality.
  • Complete quality control before job delivery.
  • Quick and outstanding experiences.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Three steps of quality control.
  • Payment only after 30days.
  • Low-cost guarantee.
  • 24/7 online customer support.
  • Amazing discount for bulk images.
  • So easy and flexible ordering system, including uploading/downloading.

CPC is always open and dedicated to clients’ needs. Usually, a client wants to know the capabilities, brand values of a company. There isn’t any doubt every customer loves quick reviews.

There are a number of possible reasons why a client will work with us. One of the major reasons is that they get a good service from us. Because of that, we can reveal the name of Clipping path center Inc in front of the whole world with full confidence.

 Our clients recognize us for our quality work. For that, we feel like they are helping us enlighten our company. However, the acceptance of clients determines the utmost outcome of each project completed.

Customers will get some photo editing benefits from us. Properly edited images speak to the brand and send a message to an entity preferably.

  • Upgrade Branding,
  • Best deals.
  • Get high-quality work.
  • Save time and money.

CPC always concentrates on clients need. So in this situation, Our clients can think of us differently when they realize that we are also dealing with the things they need. Our specialties are such as:

  • Quick service,
  • Service delivery duration sharp 2-20 hours,
  • Hand-drawn clipping path,
  • Reasonable price,
  • 60-80% hassle-free photo editing.

Product Photo Editing Service for eCommerce Business

Create professional eCommerce product images and increase your selling more and more. We keep us update on image listing guidelines for an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, etc

eCommerce Product Image Editing

Good looking product photos contribute greatly to customers’ decisions to buy a product. But the images without image guidelines may raise restrictions and penalize your sale. Your photos and listings might even be “concealed” from public view.

Desperately Seeking for Quality Product Photo Editing Service?

If you are struggling to edit product photos to meet eCommerce guidelines, you can keep faith in us. They’ll be able to assist you to meet the requirements in record time! Photoshop clipping is used to make background 100% white.

Frequently Asked Question About Clipping Path

What is a clipping path?

It is a vector or a shape that makes an outline of an object by using the Photoshop pen tool. There are many reasons these techniques are typically used. However, they are commonly used for cutting an item out from its background.

What does a clipping path do?

Photoshop path is an advanced technique uses in any photo editing needs. This allows us to select objects or shapes inside images to cut out or modify details, remove the background, replace a specific part of the image or even make a composite of different images into one.  

How are clipping paths used for e-commerce?

In the e-commerce platform, you need background changing, shadow making, and image resizing. Because any product on white background looks attractive. Where it plays a vital role in product image editing mostly in background removal, shadow creating, etc.

Besides, it can reduce the cost and time of a photographers by backing on product image color change and fixing.

Why outsource to CPC?

CPC is renounced for high-quality service in cheap price. Besides, CPC knows the importance of making a good customer relationship. In order to achieve that we ensure the top support on every process. 

“Upload your images at night and get it back in the morning.” CPC has 3 schedules of workers for ensuring quick services at any time.

Outsourcing from us is safe, secure. Furthermore, It will save valuable money, time and energy.

When and how will I get my images back?

Our normal turnaround time is 2 to 24 hours. Actually it depends on the complexity and the quantity of the images. We also provide rush delivery within an hour or less. 

You will get your completed images back via mail attachment or any online file transfer option like WeTransfer, Dropbox or Hightail. If you want, we will provide you our safe and secure FTP details for faster file transfer.

How can I get a quote or custom price for a project?

Working with CPC is simple and hassle-free. Getting a free quote is straightforward as one, two, three.  You can get a free quote simply by submitting a request for a quote and we will provide a custom quote just for you in 20 mins.  

What is your free trial policy?

For making a good understanding with the clients, we offer 02 free photo editing.  So that you can justify our working quality before submitting an order. This will help you to determine whether it’s profitable for you or not.  

Is there quality assurance?

Yes, we do have quality assurance. In fact, CPC has 3 step quality control system. So, We can guarantee 100% satisfaction. However, If you don’t like our work you will get unlimited revisions for free. Moreover, It that is not enough, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Whom are you working with?

It’s been 10+ years we are serving B2B and B2C companies and Individuals in any photo editing task. In this period CPC proudly worked with eCommerce market leaders and Photographers around the world. CPC has been working with Amazon FBA sellers, eBay, manufacturing companies like Hitachi, Samsung, car dealers and many. However, We enjoy working with anyone with any quantity of images. Because CPC believes in long term business relationships and growing together.

What is your payment method?

We always prefer PayPal for payment. You can pay via check or wear transfer in our company bank account. After completing the job, an updated invoice will send to your eMail. You can also request for weekly & monthly payment system.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Project… 
Get a Custom Quote for Your Project

Submit a quote request and we will send a custom quote just for you in 20 minutes or less.

Corona (Covid 19) strike has no impact on our regular image editing services. We have locked ourselves in a safe place. So we can keep us protected and provide 24/7 services.