Shoe Photo Editing Services

Shoes are the daily wear of all people across the globe. So, the numbers of shoe companies are also rising to cope up with the necessity. They advertise their shoes in front of the customers through their shoe images. If you are a shoe company owner or a dealer, you need to advertise well to attract customers.

That’s when shoe photo editing plays a vital role, as you should never use raw images. We have the best shoe photo editor in CPC who are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced. The Clipping Path Center, rather known as CPC, takes every shoe editing project seriously and always keeps the editing quality high.

What is Shoe Photo Editing?

Editing any photo means the retouching process that enhances the look of the objects in the photo. Shoe pictures editing is not any different, as the editing and retouching process makes the shoes look polished and shiny. The principal purpose of shoe image editing is to showcase those for selling online or offline.

Photoshop is the medium to use for editing shoe images. You can edit your shoe images, but it will be better to leave the editing task in the hand of the professionals. There are several branches for editing a shoe image. Photoshop has a massive collection of tools and methods for editing shoe photos.

From replacing the shoe background to correcting the colors, all are important for an appealing shoe image. Adding shadow effects, eliminating wrinkles, glare, and stains, and shape fixing is also crucial for the process. Our professional editing team in CPC has mastered all the branches of Photoshop to edit the images perfectly.

Shoe Photo Editing

Why CPC’s Shoe photo editor is the Best

Our shoe photo editing team consists of the best editors to complete each project provided by the clients. The common thing about our editors is, all of them are highly skilled, professional, and devoted to their jobs. Years of training have made the editors pro in this shoe image editing sector. 

In our editing team, we have both young blood and experienced editors to maintain the balance. The skilled young editors provide a touch of creativity on every shoe image editing project. At the same time, the veteran editors bring stability and a touch of perfection with their years of experience. 

Because of the top-class editing capability of our editors, CPC has completed all the projects successfully. Our clients also rated our editors by giving positive reviews. Another reason why our editors are unique is, they are entirely professional and fully dedicated to their jobs.

Shoe photo editor

What does CPC’s Shoe Photo Editor do to improve the Footwear?

The best editors on CPC use Photoshop to edit and enhance the look of the footwear. The editing team is capable of editing your footwear images and making their appearance more appealing. Our shoe photo editors cleverly use various Photoshop tools and methods for creating an appealing impression of the shoes.

Our editing team fixes the shape of the shoe photos and resizes those with keeping the highest resolution. The editors also remove and replace the shoe background and add various shadow effects. Removing wrinkles and stains from the shoe body is also done by our editing team. Glare and reflection removal are also crucial tasks that our editors do.

To get these jobs done, our editors use various tools and methods of Photoshop. Our professionals prefer using tools like “Pen Tool,” “Clone Stamp Tool,” and “Burn Tool” for the process. By using those tools creatively, our editors always provide the best-edited shoe images. Now let’s take a detailed view about different editing methods:

Shoe Clipping Path

Shoe Clipping Path

The clipping path method is for removing unwanted objects and parts from the shoe image. It also includes removing the dull background from the shoe image. The lifeless parts and backgrounds make the image unattractive. That’s why our editors eliminate those extra parts from the image to provide a better look.

“Pen Tool” is the one that our editors use for applying this clipping path method. They isolate the unwanted parts by making a selection around the unwanted area to eliminate. The exact process is also used for removing the backgrounds from the shoe images. Our editors keep the best possible details from the edges while applying this clipping path method.

By eliminating unwanted objects and dull backgrounds, our editors prepare your shoe images for commercial use. As the images become more attractive, showcasing those will be beneficial for you. Because the customers will be amazed by seeing the appealing shoes in the images. The stunning shoes from the images will instigate the customers to buy them.

Our skilled editors will complete your shoe image clipping path project with full dedication. Those shoe images edited by applying the clipping path method will play a vital role in spreading your shoe business. The clipping path service is also available for fashion photographers who capture shoe images.


  • The shoe will become the main focus of the image
  • Elimination of the unwanted parts and dull backgrounds
  • The sale will increase

Shoe Background Removal

Shoe Background Removal

A dull background from the raw image can kill the vibe of the shoe. In some cases, the over-attractive background takes all the attention from the shoe. When these happen, background removal of the shoe becomes essential. It is the pre-process of attaching a new background that suits the shoe.

As you will use the shoe images for commercial purposes, the white background will suit them best. By adding a white background, our editors provide a soft and fresh tone to the images. Showcasing those images on eCommerce websites becomes easier by adding a white background. You can also use transparent shoe images after detaching the background.

The white backgrounds won’t take the attention away from the shoe. So, the customers can have a better overview of the shoes. You can also use those white-backgrounded shoe images for creating the leaflets to advertise your products.

Even the smallest of the shoe details will be available on the image because of our editor’s careful work.

Background removal of the shoe images by using the “Pen Tool” opens up many opportunities. You can add the white backgrounds to the images or can also use those as transparent. In both cases, it will be beneficial for your online and offline shoe business.


  • The white background will transfer the customer’s focus on the shoe
  • Smooth edge finishing
  • Soft and fresh image tone

Shoe Photo Shadow Effects

Shoe Photo Shadow Effects

You won’t want to showcase an unrealistic shoe image in front of your customers. But, only keeping the shoe in front of the white background will make it look unreal. That’s why it is essential to add shadow effects in your shoe images to provide a real look. 

Various shadow effects make the shoe look authentic in front of the white background. Our editors apply natural shadow, soft shadow, or blending shadow based on the shoe’s condition.

To enhance the authenticity, sometimes, our editors also apply drop shadow and reflection shadow.

The best editors from CPC make sure that the shadows are appropriately applied. You should showcase those shoe images with shadow effects on your eCommerce websites.

When the viewers look at the shoe images closely, the shadow effects will provide a realistic look. The customers will be persuaded to buy the footwear from your online store.

When the image looks authentic, it will increase the customer’s trust as well. As the customers will start to trust your shoes, your business will get a massive boost.


  • The shoe images will look more appealing
  • Enhances customer trust

Shoe Image Retouching

Shoe Image Retouching

While retouching the shoe images, our editors from CPC keep their complete focus even on the smallest details. The dull and incorrect shoelace color and position can also destroy the impression of the shoe. Our editors keep that in mind, along with eliminating the stains and wrinkles from the shoe body.

They also remove the reflection caused by the light source from the shoe. By applying “Healing Brush Tool,” “Clone Stamp Tool,” and “Burn Tool,” the wrinkles, stains, and glare will be eliminated. Because of that, your shoe will look shiny and polished in the image.  Our editors also fix the over-exposure issue to make every part of the shoe clearly visible. 

If a model wears the shoe, the face and body of that model also need retouching in the same process. Our editors also focus on that and make the whole image even catchier by retouching. The spotless, dust-free, glare-free, reflectionless shoe will look appealing and attract more customers.

The best shoe photo editors from CPC ensure that your shoe images are retouched properly in every section. Showcasing those retouched shoe images will increase sales and spread your shoe business. If you are a shoe photographer, you can also take our retouching service and deliver the images to your client.


  • All the wrinkles, stains, and reflections from the shoe will be eliminated
  • Polished and shiny shoe image
  • It enhances customer attraction

Shoe Color Correction

Shoe Color Correction

The shoe color correction process is crucial for creating an excellent impression of your shoes. Our editing team from CPC adjusts the color tone and brightness of the shoes from the images. They also adjust the image exposure and color temperature for the color correction process. White balancing is also necessary while making the color correction of your shoe image.

With all the correction processes, CPC’s editors make the shoe look more contrasty and saturated. Our shoe editing team also focuses on clarity adjustment. The color correction process is not like changing the color entirely but enhancing the real color tone. Because of that color enhancement, the shoes look stunning in the images.

As you will exhibit those shoe images on your eCommerce website, it will easily catch the customer’s attention. By seeing the shiny and polished look of the shoe, more customers will buy your shoes from your store both online and offline. Color correction done by the CPC’s editors will be a huge boost for your footwear business.

When the color is more contrasty and saturated, your online business will spread rapidly.


  • Saturated and contrasty shoe images
  • Clarity adjustment with white balancing
  • Color enhancement

Shoe cropping & Resizing

Shoe cropping and resizing

There may be some unwanted parts in the sides of the shoe images. Those parts can be removed by cropping the image, and our experts can easily do it. Otherwise, using the incorrect shape and wrong image size can destroy the customer’s impression. In the raw shoe images, the shoe may look cranked or be in an oblique shape.

So, shoe image cropping and resizing is essential, and CPC provides these services at a low price. Our editors crop your shoe images by using the “Crop Tool.” Improper sizing of the image is also not helpful in showcasing in eCommerce websites. It will increase the expense of both the seller and buyer by taking more time to load.

When the shoe image takes more for loading, it will provide a wrong message to the customer. As a result, the customer will be discouraged from seeing your shoe image, let alone purchasing. Our editors on CPC resize those images along with keeping the shoe resolution high.

A high-resolution shoe image will help the customer to get a better view of the shoe. By seeing the shiny and polished shoe closely, the customers will be inspired to buy shoes from your company.


  • Less image loading time
  • Shape correction
  • Enhancement of the customer interest

Benefits of Shoe Photo Editing

You can take the shoe image editing service from CPC as a shoe brand owner, dealer, or fashion photographer. Now, let’s see the benefits of it:

Trust Gaining

As an online shoe business person, you need to showcase authentic images with an enhanced look. The shiny and polished look of your showcased shoes will attract customers.

When you deliver the same shoe with a shiny, polished, and attractive look, the customers will trust your service.

Sales Boosting

The sales of your shoes mostly depend on how you visualize your shoe images before the customers. It will inspire the customers to purchase your products.

So, your sales will increase gradually. When you provide the best service, the customers will start trusting you, and it will boost your sales.


As a photographer or a shoe brand owner or dealer, you shouldn’t edit the shoe images by yourself. It won’t be helpful as you are not a professional in this sector and will waste your valuable time.

That’s why you should take the shoe image editing service from the professionals of CPC to save your time.

Who needs Shoe Photo Editing?

The shoe image editing service is mainly for shoe brand owners and dealers. Using raw shoe images won’t be a good idea for advertising. It can destroy the appearance of the shoe and make a wrong impression on the customer’s mind. To get rid of this, you need to showcase the edited and retouched images with an enhanced look. 

For this, you will require a professional photo editing service from CPC’s editors as a shoe brand owner or dealer. If you are a shoe photographer, you can take our editing service as well. It will save your time along with preparing your captured images for delivery to your clients.

Why Choose Our Shoe Photo Editing Service? 

Affordable Pricing & Best Quality

All the premium services on CPC come at an affordable price range. Whether you are an eCommerce shoe business person or a shoe photographer, it will be within your affordable range. The image editing quality also remains high because of the skill of CPC’s editors.

Quickest Project Completion

Our editors are capable of completing your shoe image editing project within the quickest period. No deadline is a problem or scary to our editing team. But while completing projects quickly, our editors never compromise with the quality.

FAQs on Shoe Photo Editing

Which format of the shoe image file do I need to provide CPC for editing?

When you need shoe image editing, you can contact us without any hesitation. If you are puzzled about which format of the shoe image file to provide us, we suggest you not be so. You can provide any shoe image file format that you have like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, or GIF.

Will my shoes’ images be safe and secure for CPC’s editing team?

Your shoe images will remain safe and secure at the hands of our editing team in CPC. We follow a strict image transfer protocol and never let it reach the hands of an outsider. That’s why you should never be worried about the safety and security of the shoe images that you will provide us.

Can the best shoe photo editors from CPC make the shoe image error-free?

Our skilled shoe image editing team from CPC applies many tools and methods of Photoshop to edit the images. They will make the image wrinkle-free, spotless, and scratch-free. The editors also eliminate labels, price tags, dust, etc. Shape fixing and color correction are also the focusing points of our editors.
The best shoe photo editors from CPC apply all these processes to make your shoe image error-free.

Final Words on Shoe Photo Editing

The editing team on CPC uses Photoshop and all its tools to edit your shoe images. Our editors remain highly focused and careful while editing those shoe images. They complete each project within the quickest period without compromising the editing quality.

When you showcase those images edited by the CPC’s shoe photo editing team, it will create a nice impression. The polished and shiny shoe images will attract more customers. As a result, your business will spread by taking CPC’s shoe image editing service.