What Is A Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a technique of creating a close vector path or shape using the pen tool in photoshop. It is a non-destructive background removing technique. Moreover, this technique is mostly used to remove Background from any images or adding a white background.

Clipping Path Photoshop Image Example

Types Of Clipping Paths:

Indeed, Creating a path around a simple image doesn’t take much effort. But, creating a Multi-Layer takes a bit more effort.

Therefore, depending on the complicity and intend of images, there are three types of Paths available in photoshop and Illustrator. All these types are:

  • Single Layer Path
  • Multi-Layer clipping paths
  • Illustrator Clipping Path

Single Layer Path Photoshop:

Drawing a simple path on the hard edge of images using the pen tool in photoshop is known as the Single Layer Path. Usually, the path is being drawn on the same layer.

This is very useful when you need to remove or change the background.

Multi-layer Clipping Paths:

Creating paths on more than one layer using the pen tool in photoshop is known as the Multi-Layer paths. In other words, extract two or more subjects of an image creating a path on the same background and extract the subjects using the Multi-Layer paths.

Multi Paths are useful for retouchers. It will allow you to fix or modify a specific part of an image.

Illustrator Path

When it comes to Illustrator Clipping Path that refers to creating one or more vector shapes following the subjective part of images. It is a non- destructive path of any shape or design.

It allows us to resize the images as per the need without affecting the resolution at all.

Why Is Clipping Path Important?

Clipping path is required to extract any subjective images from its Background. Additionally, It is highly effective for a perfect selection of any complex image by drawing the pen tool on the edge of the picture.

Moreover, If you want a transparent image for an e-commerce store or print an image in a magazine. You require a clip-path. Naturally, the paths allow you to cut any unnecessary parts of images and make it more realistic and eye-catchy.

Clipping Path Photoshop Image Example

What Are The Uses Of A Clipping Path?

There are a quite bit more when it comes to uses of paths in photoshop since uses of it have no limit. Photoshop Clipping is a multi-purpose photo editing functionality.

Thus, the most notable utilization of the paths are:

Removing The Background From Images:

Removing the background from any pictures is the primary use of the image clipping using photoshop. Furthermore, applying the hand-drawn paths on particular images creates a great selection in some complex images.

Finding the hard edge of any product image using the pen tool is much easier than any other method in photoshop.

Multiple Layer Clipping Paths In Photoshop:

Basically, Multiple Layer Paths usually uses in photo retouching and Color Correction. Thus, to get the perfect selection for any photo editing needs multiple paths is essential.

Images Manipulating With Photo Clipping:

Photo clipping is the primary work of any image manipulation work. If you want to change, correct, or alter any section of an image, you need to select this part first, Photo clipping helps you in this regards. 


Importance of Clipping Path in Photo Editing Sector:

Day by day, the necessity of Photoshop clipping path service is rapidly growing up to fulfill the demand of the e-commerce world.

In terms of quality, e-commerce stores require the exact dimension, resolution, and Background color of images.

For example, Amazon won’t allow the seller to list product images without optimized adequately as per the Amazon quality term and conditions. And the rule is the same for any other e-commerce platform, whether it is Alibaba or Wallmart.

Therefore, to meet the requirement of an e-commerce store and engaging the users by displaying the best possible quality of images is the primary intent of clipping path services.

 Point to be noted: white background is always preferable, and it is one of the fundamental requirements of most of the e-commerce store. It helps the user to get a clear view and improve conversion as well.

Therefore, keeping the background white while placing the png or background less image is highly recommended in terms of human psychology as well as better conversion.

Who Need Clipping Path?

Every photoshop expert, such as retoucher, photo manipulator, color expert, shadow manipulator, logo designer, restore to vector experts, need a path.


Enhancing image beauty using Clipping path in Photoshop is a challenge, without having proper control over Photoshop software. It requires a professional hand who has enough experience of using different tools in Photoshop and implements the technique on the right images at the right time.

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