Why is My Clipping Path Inverted? [Solve Easily]

The clipping path is a well-known photo editing process for many people, especially for the person who is working in the E-commerce business. The clipping path keeps its focus on creating life-like images. Many Photoshop services companies are providing clipping path services, and they are highly professional to create an accurate and unique clipping path.

However, while working with the clipping path, sometimes, you might have faced a problem, which is known as the clipping path inverted. This problem is quite common in the Photoshop industry.

Clipping Path Inverted in Photoshop and Solution

Now, while working on the clipping path, many people experienced a problem and looked for a solution to the problem of “why is my clipping path inverted.”

What does it mean, actually?

Let’s say; you are making a clipping path around an object. Using the pen tool, you created the path, and if you give the final command, the path will turn into a selection. But unfortunately, the path gets reversed. Means, you didn’t get a selection to the object, and instead of that, the background gets the selection.

Why My Clipping Path is Inverted - Solved Easy Way

Now the question is, how you can solve this problem. 

As you already understand, while working with the vector mast, using the pen tool, you can create a path. And if you close the path, the vector mask will be customizable. However, inverting the path is inevitable if your mask is white, where it should be not being selected.

To accomplish this task, firstly, select the tool named path selection, and your target has to be on the vector mask. After then, don’t miss to give a click on your path. If you go to the tool options bar, you will find an icon which is named as Subtract from Shape Area – once you click on this icon, the path will automatically invert without creating any problem.

Let me explain the solution too.

Explaining The Problem:

Clipping Path Inverted

I open a photo in photoshop and I create a clipping path around the subject.

Subtract from Shape Area Problem

But when I make a selection by pressing Shift+Ctrl+D, always my selection is inverted/reversed.

Inverted Clipping Path

Solving Clipping Path Inverted Problem Easily:

Solving Clipping Path Inverted Problem Easily

To get rid of this problem click on the Select option and choose Inverse from the dropdown menu. 

Inverse Keyboard Shortcut

You also can solve this problem by using shortcuts. To do this Press the Shift+Ctrl+I button from the keyboard.

selection is perfectly covers only the subject

Look at the picture. Now the selection perfectly covers only the subject. 

Q button from the keyboard to see the result

Now press the Q button from the keyboard to see the result. 

Done! I hope it solves the problem. If you are new in photoshop clipping paths, you can read:-

When do you require a clipping path?

  • Background removal of an image.
  • If you are looking for a way to hide the background of your image without removing it, if you want to design catalogs in InDesign or QuarkXPress, this option works great.
  • Do you want to change the shape or want to choose and customize any specific region of an image? Undoubtedly, select the clipping path.
  • You also can do color-correction using the multi-layer clipping path.

When is the clipping path unnecessary?

  • You can’t use clipping path service when your subject contains messy edges, such as a teddy bear or if the subject is translucent. At this point, you need to apply an advanced photo masking option.

Bottom Line

By now you are able to solve the Inverted Clipping Path problem on your own. The popularity of the clipping path is an increasing trend. To fulfill the requirement of E-commerce sites, you can’t deny the importance of the clipping path, and this is the main reason for increasing the popularity of the clipping path.