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Deep etching plays a vital role in photo services most appropriate for photo background removal. CPC offers professional, quality deep-etching, clipping mask, clipping path or background removing services for image processing services. We’re committed to giving each project the individual attention it deserves. When it comes to deep etch, this means here is hand drew, pixel-perfect selections. Our combination of services, time, and the price can’t be beaten.


How Deep Etching Done

How Deep Etching Done

Deep Etching for Fashion Products

Deep-Etching for Fashion Products

Deep Etching for Fashion Gadgets

Deep Etching for Fashion Gadgets

Deep Etching — What Is It?

Our Deep etching Service somewhere known as a clipping path or clipping mask creates a particular selection around part of your image. We then save this selection and send it to you, enabling you to cut out a portion of your image. In practice, this lets you remove the background, use part of the image in a different project, apply edits separately to varying objects in your image, and even remove items from your photo.

  • Remove the background from an image of a product for use in e-Commerce
  • Replace the background of a picture with a more exciting one
  • Copy objects or people from multiple photographs for use in a digital composite
  • Draw attention to the part of an image by applying effects to a subject and background separately

Deep-Etching Service at Clipping Path Center

A graphic design term is known as Deep-etching to use to remove the specific section of a photograph from the background. It means you can use the object of the image in different types of backgrounds. Deep etch services use to isolate or separate the multiple objects in the photo. When you cannot reprocess the specific color parts of the object, then you need this service.

In the Clipping Path Center, we know that it’s not easy to reprocess the photo to deep etch. Our designer with advance and latest software to do this service. Moreover, our team would help you to manipulate the photo as you need. And this would change the presentation of the entire images. When you have your photo after our service you would see the difference and attract more people on your website.

Prerequisite of Deep Etching service:

Designers use typical elements in the Deep Etching service. Any kinds of extravagant details were not used. Now a day’s photographer tries to take the best shots. Though they may not get the right images all the time. To get the best result, you need to manipulate the photo. Sometimes you want to add or remove the objects to make the photo more impressive. Because if anyone replaces an object from the photo or add something, the picture gets a new identity. The added element in the photo increases the exquisiteness and magnetism.

When you get fantastic and attractive photos, you would ultimately enrich your website. Thus, this would attract more customers, and you would get better sales in your online business.

Deep-Etching services used the following field. Our designers have experienced in these areas for this service-

  • E-commerce advertising
  • Personal photographs
  • Individual shot into a group photograph

Our Methods for Deep Etching services:

There are three standard methods uses in the deep etching service. In Photoshop these tricks are familiar –

Using an eraser tool – Eraser tool manually erases the section of the image which you don’t want. However, you may not get an exact result and end up with rough edges. So, anyone can easily understand that the image had been manipulated or edited.

Using of color section– Photoshop has a color section that is used to select and delete specific colors form the photo and leave what you want.  But his method some drawbacks. Every standard photo has millions of color pixels, and if you are not clear about your editing, you may end up deleting too much or too little.

Using the pen tool – Most of the designer uses this method to Deep Etch. This method has several advantages such as-

  • You don’t delete anything from the original image. In this process, you can repair the image as much as you want until you are pleased with 100% results.
  • When you have control over your tool you can adjust and edit your picture. The ultimate result of the photo would look very professional.
  • When you have experienced in deep-etching, no one will find any fault in your image.

Steps use in Deep-Etching:

Starting the editing – Open Photoshop then selects the pen tool. The icon looks like the tip of a fountain pain. Then click on your image border between the bit and the image background.

Extra point accumulation with the outline –

Next step, you have to click another part of the image to create the next point. Now use the mouse to drag a little left or right. When you see that many points connected and create a line. Continue this process until the outlining of the image is finished.

Tuning of the outlined object –           

Now select the direct selection tool then click on the specific point for edit. Now you can see there are little handles. When you pick those handle knobs so that you can move them. You can run ‘knobs’ around until the line follows the outline of the photos. If you want to move one handle through other handle is connected because another handle will also move. To run one of the handles, there is a small trick- you should hold down the ‘alt’ key when you are moving the handle. So, this would break the connection between the two handles. Now you can individualistically move the handles. These tricks only useful when you have a sharp corner or edges in your photo. This step would take the lengthiest time to be proficient. Don’t be hopeless. A small practice would lead you to master in Deep-Etching.

Removing Unwanted Parts –

This part is very entertaining. You want to remove the annoying bits from your photo. You have the outline the picture and finished it perfectly. Let’ make it useful.

Now check the layers tab. Where you see the shape, the layer has created with previous steps. Make sure it is selected now, and you should click the paths tab. There you can see a layer called shape one vector mask or the same thing.  Now you should double click the layer- this will give you a pop-up box. This box will let you name your path. Choose a name and click the OK button. And, this is how you saved your outline. If you delete that shape layer by any mistake, you still have your outline backed up safely. At the bottom of the panel, there is numerous option available that allow you to change the layer. You can use ‘load-path as selection’ that looks like a circle with a dashed outline. It’s located the third icon from the left of Photoshop. Now you should click the icon and go back to your ‘layers’ tab. You can see that your path outline converted into a selection and looks like the ‘marching ants.’

You have to duplicate your original image layer in this stage. So that that you have two copies of it and you have a backup if there is an accident occur.

Now on the top bar, you should select the Inverse selection. And, this would turn your image from marching ants outline to the bit and your desire to delete the background. Now select the delete button, and there you have your desire manipulation of the photo. The deep etched image that you can use on your requirements.

Benefits of Deep Etching:

Deep etching is mostly used as image enhancement techniques. Benefits of Deep-Etching are numerous in different perspective under specific categories, which are:

Background Removal:  Deep-Etching is extremely applied to extract the object of an image from a background and removing the original background where we can use any background based on our requirement. It is better than other background removal techniques because of the high quality in terms of image cut. It helps to give a professional look to apply a professional background.

Color Correction: Deep etch is very commendable to accomplish advance color correction in Photoshop whereas it helps to adjust the color of an object without affecting the selective background and ensure the advanced correction of each color of an object.

Image Masking: It consents to apply image masking on a particular area of an image to keep the fixed part intact.

Image Manipulation: Image manipulation is unmanageable without the help of deep etching, whereas it removes the unnecessary part of an image without eradicating the main photo.

Photo Retouching: Deep-etching is used randomly for doing photo retouching, which enables to retouch the image imperceptibly without harming the 3D effects.

Web Optimization: To run a website smoothly, one needs to optimize photos that are done by deep etch effortlessly rather than other techniques and bring a better result.

Garment Industry: This industry is highly involved in using high-quality photos of their relevant products which can be done by the etching service quickly. These techniques allow representing the images of cloth materials with or without a model.

Economical: Deep etch is very affordable rather than other techniques that help your business moving forward.

How is Deep Etch used in e-Commerce?

“Details create the big picture, “according to Sanford Weill, former CEO of Citigroup. When you share images of your products, what details are you sharing with the customer? If your pictures have backgrounds, what features do your Backgrounds share? Deep etching allows you to quickly and easily separate your products and their environments, enabling you to customize each pairing and ensure that you present viewers with the details YOU want them to see.

Having high-quality clipping paths and clipping mask for each product makes creating new ads and promotional material a snap. Need to showcase your whole product line? Copy and paste! Want to add your product to your website’s banner? Click and drag. CPC’s Deep Etch Service makes promoting your products so much more comfortable.

Quality is Everything

We are committed to making sure every project gets done right. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the speed and accuracy of our hand drew selections when you take advantage of our Deep Etch Service. Our top class, Photo Retoucher, quick turnarounds, low prices, and great customer service have made us leaders in the online Photoshop services industry.

We look forward to building up a relationship with you and helping with all of your graphical needs in the time to come. Both are excellent prices and provide you pictures your customers will admire. Up to Two Free photo editing Services here to judge our quality of work.


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