FTP Access

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most dominant and trustworthy technique of upload and download huge files or high-resolution files. You can easily upload/download “folder” and any quantity or size of data by using FTP, there is no restriction.

How to utilize FTP?

You should need to download FileZilla or FTP client software through the internet and install it on your computer. There is a lot of FTP client software available on the internet that you can use, and most are FREE & friendly.

If you need help on how to use an FTP client, go to google, yahoo, or bing and search with keywords, e.g., “How to use FileZilla” or “How to use SmartFTP” and look for a good tutorial.

FTP login details

You should receive FTP access details to your account from us before you can use the FTP client. Just send us a request for FTP access details. We will create your account and let you know the access details as soon as you send the request. Request FTP Access If you feel too needy regarding anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.