Clothes Photo Editing by CPC’s Best Clothes Editor

For advertising any clothing brand, the perfect pictures of the clothing are of utmost importance. But using the raw images won’t help for brand growth. That’s why editing those pictures before advertising is crucial, and Photoshop is the path to doing so. From background replacing, wrinkles removal to shape fixing on Photoshop, all are the parts of clothes photo editing.

There are various tools and methods in Photoshop that can enhance the look of your clothes. CPC’s best clothes editors make sure that your clothes are looking attractive in photos. Our best clothes editors are highly skilled and experienced in clothes image editing. Along with that, all the premium services come at an affordable rate.

What is Clothes Photo Editing?

Clothes photo editing is mainly an image processing technique that enhances the look of the clothes in the image. Fixing the image shape, background changing, removing the wrinkles from the clothes, and color correction are needed to edit clothes photos. There are several more methods and tools on Photoshop that can help to edit the images as well.

Photoshop has many effects to make the clothing images more attractive for use in online stores. So, we can say clothing photo editing is preparing the photo for marketing purposes by enhancing their looks.

Clothes Photo Editing Service Categories

To make your online clothing store reach more customers, you need to advertise with attractive clothing images. That’s why they offer a bunch of clothing image editing services for you at an affordable price. The clothing image editing service you can take from us are:

Men’s Apparel Editing

Men's Apparel Editing

When it comes to men’s garments, the apparel collection is pretty simple and straight. The t-shirt, pants, blazer, coat, tie, etc., come with simple cuts and minor details without any complexity.

Our clothing photo editors always aim to make the male garments look crisp and solid. Therefore, we replace the background and retouch the image to make it look perfect.

The skilled editors eliminate all the wrinkles from the photos of suits, formal pants, and shirts. They are also capable of fixing the damaged color along with not compromising with the clothes stains.


  • Background Replacement
  • Elimination of wrinkles, folds, and stains
  • Crisp and solid-looking male garments images

Women’s Apparel Editing

Women's Apparel Editing

Comparatively, the female clothing collection is larger than the male, and there’s a wide variety. While editing women’s apparel images, our team mainly focuses on keeping even the most superficial details. Our skilled editors add effects and eliminate wrinkles from the female wears like wedding gowns, jeans, skirts, tops, t-shirts, etc.

Our must-do list is also changing the dull backgrounds, color correction, and making the image shinier. By keeping the tiniest of the clothing details, women’s apparel will look outstanding in the photo. In addition, we provide editing services to a massive variety of women’s wear to help grow your business.


  • Model skin retouching and color correction
  • Presence of the tiniest details in the garments
  • Removal of wrinkles & flaws

Kids Apparel Editing

Kids Apparel Editing

Kids apparel editing is fun, and there is a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs to work. The kid’s garments like overalls, mittens, beanie, baby apron, shoes, and socks need to look better and brighter. Moreover, there are many areas to work with, but our team never adds unnecessary effects.

Minimal editing, background replacing, wrinkles eliminating, and details enhancing are the major areas that our editors focus on. In addition, because of the color correction made by our editors, your kid’s apparel will look appealing.

Our skilled editors make sure the best possible output from kid’s clothes retouching.


  • Natural shadow
  • Elimination of unwanted parts, wrinkles, and stains
  • Color correction to make the garment appealing

Undergarment Photo Editing

Undergarment Photo Editing

The best clothes photo editors from CPC also offer the service of undergarment photo editing. Those undergarments, underwear, and lingerie need to look hygienic and attractive. This intimate clothing needs to be showcased on various online platforms. It should look clean and flawless.

That’s why our editors mainly focus on eliminating the wrinkles, stains, and flaws from the undergarment. Then, when the editors make those undergarments more appealing, it will attract the customers to purchase. Background removal, color editing, and liquefy services are also available from CPC. We also prepare a ghost mannequin of the undergarments for the online presentation.


  • Resizing the undergarment image
  • Ghost Mannequin and color correction
  • Elimination of wrinkles, stains, and folds

What does CPC’s Clothes Photo Editor Do to Improve the Dress Photo?

The clothes photo editors from CPC are highly skilled and experienced. They will edit your clothes images to prepare them for eCommerce websites and other social media platforms. Our pro editors use Photoshop for editing your apparel images and making them appealing. In addition, the CPC editors use various tools and methods of Photoshop to make your garment image attractive.

The editors apply a photo clipping path, background removal, and shadow effects to improve the dress photo. They also retouch the clothes images by eliminating wrinkles, dust, stains, flaws, and color correction. Creating a ghost mannequin is also available to provide the customers a better view of the clothes.

Our editors also use AdobePhotoshop to improve the dress photo. Our clothing image editing team has years of experience in this sector, and they are pro in this area. As a clothing brand owner, it will be beneficial to take CPC’s clothes image editing service to grow your business.

Now let’s talk in detail about how the editors from CPC improve the dress images:

Clothes Photo Clipping Path

Clothes Photo Clipping Path Example

Clipping path is the method for removing any object from an image in Photoshop. While doing this on clothes photos, the central importance should be on keeping the most significant details. Clothes photo clipping path is for getting rid of the dull backgrounds. It is a closed vector pathway that you can use to remove an object from the picture.

Our expert editing team on CPC uses this method by accessing through the “Pen Tool.” The clothes image editors eliminate the unnecessary objects from the image with this. The clipping path method is mainly used for separating the background from a clothing photo. After removing the background, we can add another attractive background as you need.

Proper application of clipping path helps to keep the finest of the details while detaching the background. It’s better to use the clothes images with white backgrounds to make the cloth the main focus-point of the viewers. Then, when you showcase the clothing online, the white background will provide a cleaner look.

You can also create an offline leaflet for advertisement by clothes images clipping path. The cleaner clothes image will help you to grow your apparel business both online and offline.


  • Removal of the unwanted objects at a reasonable rate
  • 24/7 service with better deals for Bulk Orders
  • Enhanced presentation of the clothes

Clothes Photo Background Removal

Clothes Photo Background Removal Example

Background removal is probably the most common task for clothing photo editing. For apparel business owners, a clean and clear image with a soft background is necessary.

To showcase your clothing products both online and offline, you will require perfectly edited images.

Background removal is the first step of that editing process. It opens up several windows to edit your clothing images. For example, if the dress image background is white, the customers will pay more attention to the clothes. Therefore, our team carefully removes the background by keeping every detail.

As a result, the clothing image will become transparent. Then the experts import a white background, attach it behind the clothes. After importing, the editors soften the edges of the transparent clothing image to make it more realistic.

The apparel image with the background will provide a good view of the clothes.

When the dress has fine and trim edges, it takes more time to remove the background. That’s why the price also has ups and downs as per the complexity of the main object.


  • It opens up the opportunity to apply a white background
  • Prepare the clothes image for showcasing
  • It makes the photo transparent

Clothes Photo Shadow Effects

Clothes Photo Shadow Effects Example

After removing the background, the cloth image needs to be attached before a white background. On that newer background, the product may look a bit unrealistic. That’s why it is necessary to add a shadow effect on it. There are many shadow effects like natural shadow, soft shadow, blending shadow, drop shadow, and reflection shadow.

Our editors apply those shadows based on the image type, situation, and requirement. By using the required shadow, our editors make the image look realistic to the customers. Therefore, while showcased on eCommerce websites will attract customers to comparatively real-looking cloth images. In addition, sound shadow effects will make the dress in the picture look more appealing.

If you are a cloth image photographer, you can take our services as well for adding shadows. You can increase your fame and market as a photographer by taking our cheaper shadow effects applying service. As an apparel brand, your business will expand as well by taking our service.

Our expert editors take every project seriously and complete the project quickly without compromising the quality.


  • It makes the dress more realistic and appealing
  • It helps the cloth to adapt to the white background
  • Shadow effects will help to increase sales

Clothes Photo Retouching

Clothes Photo Retouching job Example

Retouching the clothes photo means fixing all the spots and unwanted marks and making it smooth. The “Healing Brush Tool” and “Clone Stamp Tool” are the most used tool for the retouching process. Your clothes image can contain stains, blemishes, flaws, wrinkles, and dark spots. Those things need to be eliminated to prepare your cloth image for marketing.

The tone of the dresses from the image also needs enhancement. Our specialized editor’s team focuses on each part of this retouching process for the best output. Sometimes, the model’s face tone also needs fixing for the dress to look more appealing. Finally, dust can be seen in the raw images, and our editors will eliminate those too.

If the light reflection causes any glare, the CRC editors fix that through retouching. In the raw images, the dress may look dull and lifeless.

Retouching those images and smoothening them will make them look attractive. Then you can showcase those images at online marketplaces and offline marketplaces.

By seeing the stunning dress images will the customers to the clothes.


  • Blemishes and wrinkles removal
  • Smooth and attractive dress images
  • The dress will glow

Clothes Color Correction

Clothes Color Correction Example Image

Color correction on clothing images can turn any dull photos back to life. The color tone adjustment, brightness, and contrast adjustment are the essential parts of color correction. Moreover, our editors also make exposure adjustments and color temperature adjustments for the process. As a result, an overexposed cloth image looks lifeless, and the details are also not precise.

Correction of exposure will make the dress properly visible, and our editors are masters of that. The editors from CPC fix the colors by keeping the natural look of the image alive. White balancing is also a part of the color correction process, and it helps the image look catchier.

Color saturation fixing and clarity adjustment are also the sectors on which our editors gravely work. By applying all the color correction features, the clothes will look stunning in images. You can use those retouched dress images to make leaflets or showcase the dress images on eCommerce websites.

As a photographer, you can take our services and enhance the look of your dress images. The CPC is ready to serve both the photographers and the clothing brand owners.


  • The clothing image will be more appealing and attractive
  • Exposure correction will make the image visible
  • Color correction will produce stunning dress images

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Example

Using an alive model for clothing advertising is a bit expensive. To get rid of that expense, some brand owners and photographers use mannequins. But, showcasing them on eCommerce websites is not that efficient. Mannequins take ample space on the showcase page and consume more time and internet for loading.

That’s why the concept of using ghost mannequins came into the focus. It is mainly a hollow 3D effect to provide the customers with a view of how the dress will look. As a result, it takes less space on the showcase page and consumes less data to load.

The viewers get distracted because of an actual mannequin. Therefore, our editors eliminate the mannequin from the neck joint and symmetrical neck joint. As it will eliminate the head and limbs of the mannequin, the customer’s focus will be totally on the dress. The best clothing photo editors from CPC offer ghost mannequin service at a low price.

The editors take every ghost mannequin project seriously and help the companies in achieving their marketing goals.


  • Ghost mannequin takes less space to showcase and consumes less data
  • It provides a better overview of the dress
  • Perfect for eCommerce websites

Who Need Clothes Photo Editing Service

Clothes photo editing service is mainly for the eCommerce clothing brands and fashion photographers. Now, let’s talk in detail about them:

eCommerce Clothing Brands

Online shopping is getting popular as the number of eCommerce clothing brands is increasing. So they need to advertise with attractive and appealing dress images. But the raw pictures won’t do the job, and those clothing photos will require proper editing. That’s why CPC offers clothing photo editing services to online clothing brand owners.

By showcasing the properly edited dress images, they can attract more customers. As a result, their business will expand, and that’s why online clothing brand owners require clothing image editing services.

Fashion Photographers

Fashion photographers sometimes capture clothes images as freelance photographers or get hired by any clothing company. In both cases, they need to provide catchy and appealing dress images. As the raw clothing images won’t work, they also require the clothes photo editing service.

Why Choose Our Clothing Photo Editing service?

Team and Security

CPC consists of a highly experienced and skilled clothing image editing team. With their touch of excellence, while editing, each photo becomes appealing and more creative. In addition, our company is highly focused on client privacy and security. Thus, we provide SSL secured image transfer protocol to keep your images safe and secure.

Quick Quality Services

There is no contest in the quick completion of the projects with the best editors of CPC. At the same time, the editing team never compromises with the project quality. All our premium services come at a pretty affordable rate for everyone. So, don’t be late on taking the clothing photo editing service from CPC.

Customer Satisfaction

CPC has the best clothes photo editors who take every editing project seriously. Moreover, our team completes the project in the way the client requires.

Usually, the editors complete each project perfectly; they are still ready to provide unlimited revisions.

FAQs on Clothes Photo Editing

What are the necessities of clothing image editing?

On the raw photographs, no dress will look catchy and attractive. As you need to use the dress images for advertising your clothing, you will want them to look gorgeous and appealing. It will help to increase your sales along with spreading the reach of your company. That’s why you will require clothing image editing for your brand advertisement.

What should I do to edit my clothing pictures?

By using Photoshop and its several tools, you can edit your clothing pictures. Gathering the basic knowledge about Photoshop and all its tools is required for this. As you will need to edit those images for business purposes, I suggest you leave that on professionals of CPC.

How do the editors from CPC make the clothes’ images look appealing and attractive?

The best clothes photo editors from CPC come with years of experience and knowledge. They can edit the apparel of men, women, kids, and undergarments to make them look attractive. The editors also apply methods like clipping path, color correction, shadow effects, background removal, etc., via Photoshop. 
All these methods are for enhancing the look of the clothes and make them appealing to the customers.

Final Thoughts

The raw clothing images are not suitable for using online and offline advertisements. Whether you are a fashion photographer or a clothing brand owner, you would never want to show dull images. To enhance the look of your dress images, CPC is ready to serve you to think of our services as the clothes photo editing service near me.

The skilled editors of our company use Photoshop and its several tools to make your clothing images look appealing. We are providing all the premium services to fashion photographers and clothing brand owners. By taking quality services from us at an affordable rate, hopefully, their business will spread quickly.