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Our price for clipping path service starts at $0.49 USD per image and you get great discounts for bulk images.

You can have a rough idea on pricing we do offer as follows!

Track Order

We always think in way that our clients feel it favorable as always. Online order tracing is a live and system generated way that cleints can get updates for the jobs ordered at any instant on specific job under the account you have with CPC.

So you are always updated on the status of your order, how many image already completed, how much time left and etc.


Image Vector Services


Vector images and vector art are catching the imagination of the public, corporate organizations and portrait studios alike for the various advantages they provide over conventional formats. A main advantage is that they are scalable to any size without much loss of the quality. Hence they make ideal portraits, logos or other images that need resizing.


Clipping Path Center (CPC) has been providing vector graphics creation and conversion services for portrait studios since the time vector images started gaining popularity. Clipping Path Center (CPC) is a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions with several years of extensive experience in providing various imaging solutions and other outsourcing services.


Just send in the images that you want to convert or create and we shall get to work in creating high quality vector graphics. Our team of photo editing professionals can work on your stationery, signs, banners, vehicle graphics and portraits amongst others.


Image Vectoring Process at Clipping Path Center (CPC):

For a portrait studio endeavoring to provide exceptionally artistic portraits to your clients, Clipping Path Center (CPC) is the right place. We understand the working of portrait creation and bring the same knowledge in our image vectoring services.


The difference between a bitmap image and vector image is this: bitmaps are composed of pixels while vector graphics are composed of paths. A bitmap image employs a network of individual pixels where each individual pixel can be a different shade or color. In vectors graphics, mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them, rather than pixels, are used to describe an image.


Why choose our image vectorization services?


Be it a collage of your client's precious baby or a wall portrait of your client and their spouse or an portrait of an outdoor scenery that your client has clicked and wants to blow up for a bedside portrait, Clipping Path Center (CPC) has the right mix of people and tools to convert any image or concept to useable vector images. Our team can work on over 290 different vector image formats such as IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF and TIFF.


All converted vector images are drawn manually by the precision hands of our photo experts. A typical vector file from Clipping Path Center (CPC) would contain (all of these are editable):


- Associative hatch patterns 
- Accurate text 
- Accurate layer information 
- Associative dimensions 
- Accurate line types 
- Symbols & blocks of standard components 
- Title blocks (as per scale)



Clipping Path Center's image to vector conversion team can make sure that the created / converted vectors are usable in a variety of tasks including printing, embroidery, engraving, CAD, illustration, web design etc.

All this at a whopping 60% savings on operating cost for you!


Clipping Path Center (CPC)'s Image Editing Capabilities:

Image to vector conversion is a part of our extended image editing services portfolio which includes image editing, image stitching and digital photo enhancement apart from image vectorization services. Outsource image vector services to Clipping Path Center (CPC) and benefit from our professional services.


Our team is comfortable with image editing software like Adobe Photoshop CS3 and plug-ins within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, PTGUI, Aperture, CorelDraw, and Corel Painter. The experienced photo editing team handles all images to vector services efficiently and ensures minimum turnaround time for the projects, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.