How to Make an Etsy Shop Banner (Step by Step Guide)

Etsy is a great place to sell your homemade unique products. This virtual marketplace can create a miracle for your business if you can make a custom banner for your Etsy shop to impress the clients.

The first impression is the best weapons to bring engagement to your Etsy shop. So, it is mandatory to create an impressive shop front by a marvelous banner. But there are some limitations to modify your frontline. That’s why it is important to ensure that your Etsy shop banner is truly outstanding & appealing to attract the clients.

A beautiful eye-catchy banner is a key to bring huge sales & generate huge traffic. Do you want to know how to make a custom banner for the Etsy shop? Here is a step by step guideline to make a custom Etsy shop banner that can differentiate you from the ordinary shop.

Make Custom Banner for Etsy Shop

In this competitive E-commerce business world, you can’t sustain your shop without an exclusive storefront. Let’s learn how can you organize your storefront with an outstanding banner that helps you to achieve the target & objectives.

What Is Etsy & Why Etsy Banner

Etsy is the best platform for creative people as you can sell your handcrafts here. Talented entrepreneurs can sell everything including their craft goods as well as jewelry items. It gives value to your creative thought & innovative ideas. This is the best marketplace to sell innovative hand made items.

Etsy Banner Size

When you browse an Etsy store you will discover a few photos that give you relevant information about the brand including the brand location, reviews & sales frequency. That image is known as a banner image. As it is the frontlines it has a great influence on your business.

Etsy platform

To achieve success on the Etsy platform your goods are important but you need to consider some other factors to establish your brand. Most of the leading & popular Etsy stores following branding strategy & unique marketing structure that helps them to stand out their brand from the crowd. The banner is the fundamental of your shop branding. So, it is essential to know the perfect size of your Etsy banner & technique to make it eye-grabbing.


Perfect Banner Size

Perfect Banner Size

The accurate size for Etsy large banner is 1200 * 300 pixels that is the first thing viewers notice while visiting your store. This banner is also called a carousel banner in the Etsy store. If you fail to manage the perfection in the banner image it will create a negative impression about your brand. So, give top-priority to maintain the ideal banner size.

Aside from large banner images, Etsy allowed you to upload different size banner that is given below-

  •       Mini banner size 1200 * 160 pixels.
  •       Big banner size 1200 *300 pixels.

Basically you are creating a banner to attract the audience to your product. So, obviously you must add product images in your banner. When you collage multiple images to give an overview of your product you must maintain the below image size also.

  •       2 images 600* 300 px.
  •       3 images 400*300 px.
  •       4 images 300*300 px.

When you are creating small banner don’t forget to ensure quality & info optimization to make it fruitful & informative.

The pre-condition to derive a good banner is to maintaining the accurate size for the Etsy banner. It helps you to derive the maximum resolution photo that ensures your banner won’t be stretched or curled your banner after uploading. If you don’t maintain the perfect size then the banner photo will be stretched or curled after uploading that ruin your banner quality. When you use the ideal size it will perfectly fir on the storefronts without any modifications.

As your Etsy shop frontline contains the large banner & small banner in the same positions it is not possible to use both sizes. So, which size banner is ideal to use? The best option is to use a large size banner instead of a small one. Because the larger banner size will easily display both mobile & desktops. But the small banner only displays on the desktop.


Eye-catchy Etsy Shop Banner Best practices

Making your own Etsy banner is really fun if you know the best practices to make a perfect banner that displays your shop’s objectives accurately. Dive to the article to know the best method to make a lucrative banner. When you apply these methods it will be super simple to create a marvelous banner.

Display Shops Details

When a customer browses your shops for the first time you must aim to let them know details about your products such as what you are selling, why that is special, product benefits & usage, etc. See the below example. A client at first glance can realize that this shop deal with craft items. So, your focus is to make simplified details about your product.

Display Shops Details

You can add your multiple items in an organized & stylish structure. A diverse product range can easily attract customers to buy your products.

Besides adding products you can add informative text to display the benefits of your products & why customers need them. You can also highlight the business motto that helps the customer to rely on you. Try to attach customer value & specialty to you that can impress the customer quickly.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple

Simplicity can transform the frontline looks of your Etsy store. It is always best to keep your banner simple that derives elegant outlooks. People can easily remind a simple design & It creates a positive impression on them. Most of the popular shops are using a simple banner. Because simplicity can easily grab the eyes & create a long durable impression on them. So keep your banner as simple as possible.

But when you design your banner ensure that the design is clean, cool & structured. Most importantly use the high resolution to ensures the best outlook. See the below images simple images with a little text easily define the shops. The color combination & unique design can easily attract clients. The simple design focus on the brand name & its branding. White space is a trick to highlight the main concepts. So, you can apply white space in your design.

Adjust Color

Color is the most important thing while making a banner. If you use the color that is not contrasting it will derive a poor banner. You must avoid colors that reflect on the eyes. You should go for warm & cool. Find out perfect color contrast that creates an amazing pop up to attract the eyes.

Color is the key to hold the customer’s eyes. It also helps you to highlight your products perfectly.

You can texture color or some bright colors against a dark background that pop beautifully like the below images.

highlight products perfectly

So, maintain proper color contrasting while making your banner otherwise it won’t attract the viewers.


The aim of the Etsy banner is to display your shop’s objective at first glance. So, try to avoid detailed descriptions. Optimized the detailed information & attach the short info that is enough to explain your business. Optimization is important to introduce your brands quickly. If people won’t understand what your shops about at first glance they won’t feel interested to view more. So, it’s wise to attach optimized information.


Photography Style

make Etsy banner highly professional

To make your Etsy banner highly professional & standard it is essential to ensure premier quality photography & a perfect style of taking product photos. Photography itself a creative field. As you are a seller of some creative items I don’t think it will be hard for you to photography in a proper way. But if you fail to take pictures like a pro photographer you can hire a good photographer.

 As Etsy is a virtual marketplace where the picture is the first priority. If you can impress with the picture then secondly comes the quality. You can’t skip the first steps with poor product images. So, you need to photograph your items properly to derive high- quality images.

 When you attach eye-catchy product images to the banner it will make the buyer tempted to buy your products. A high-quality image can describe a thousand words. So you easily avoid boring descriptions by attaching a good image.

Try to create a unique standard photography style that can make your presentation different from others. Think outside the box otherwise you can’t win the race. When you can introduce your own photography style try to maintain the consistency that is important to make the audience rely on your products. So, you need to improve your photography skill to make a marvelous banner that is unique & eye-grabbing

Font Selection

Text is the heart of your banner. No matter how beautifully you design the banner if you can’t attach relevant information it won’t be fruitful. So, the text is a vital factor to make a banner. It is ideal to use short optimized information but the presentation needs to be classy & unique.

To present your text in an exclusive way you need to research different fonts & find out the best font style that matches your color & design concepts. Besides, try to use maximum two fonts style in your banner that will reduce your loading time. When you select the font style ensures that it’s easy to read, attract the buyers to read & reflect your business objective. Give some time to find out the matching font style with your business concepts. A perfect font can create an elegant outlook in your banner.

fonts style match with concepts

Here It is a Kids Shop & looks the fonts style match with the concepts. It results in an outstanding banner.

Make an Etsy Shop Banner in Photoshop

Photoshop is a fantastic tool for designing. It is popular for its convenient tool, versatile feature & perfect designing. Here I will share step by step guideline to make an Etsy banner using photoshop.

Step 1: Open Photoshop

Open your photoshop. Now select -> File-> New. 

Open new page in Photoshop

You will find a new window.  Give your file name here such as Banner or as you like. The most important thing is to set your banner size.  Now for Etsy shop banner set the size as 1200 * 300 pixels. As it is a web banner set the Resolution as 150 dpi & select the color mode as RGB that works fine on the web. Keep the background contents color white & now click on Ok to create your project.

create your project

Step 2: Design Your Banner

Now it’s time to design your banner. You can apply product photo, relevant text & illustration to create a marvelous banner. In this tutorial, we will make a simple banner that looks elegant. So, at first from the toolbar select the Rectangle tool & create a Rectangle. Now use the ruler to draw the lines so that you can more rectangle that ensures similar height. Enter Cntrl + J to copy the rectangle & place it before the previous one. Repeat this process two times. Maintain a minimum distance while placing the Rectangle. It will look like the below images.

Design Your Banner

Step 3: Attach Product Images

Now attach your product images in the Rectangle box. Select the rectangle & now select File> Place> Choose your Image. After opening the image place it on the rectangle. After that select, the image & right click on the mouse & select “create clipping mask” to fix the product images within the box crucially. Repeat this process for another three boxes. Here the banner comes out.

Attach Product Images

Now Select File> Place> Choose your logo. Place the logo on the left side. Keep some white spacing before fix the logo. This white space helps to bring focus on your logo. From the toolbar select the Text tool & attach relevant information about your brand.

Attach Brand logo

Step 5: Attach Owner Images

You can also attach the owner images on the right side after keeping essential white spacing. From the toolbar select Ellipse tool & now press shift to draw the circle. Select the circle & place the owner’s image. Now right click on the image & select “Create Clipping Mask” to fix the owner’s image within the circle. From the toolbar select the text tool. Attach relevant info about the owner. See the below images how it looks like.

Attach Owner Images

Step 6: Height Brand’s Motto

From the toolbar select the Rectangle tool & create a small rectangle on the middle height to attach the brand’s motto. It’s important to grab the viewer’s attention. Use the Text tool to attach the motto in the rectangle. Your banner is now ready to use.

Height Brand’s Motto

So, if you follow the best practices method you can easily derive an amazing banner for Etsy shops. Now you need to save your work. Select File -> Save For Web> OK. It will generate small size files that help to comes to your shop page quicky.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about color contrast & not good at photoshop then It’s better to outsource photo editing services to create your banner.  Especially when you need illustration an experienced hand is mandatory to use the pen tool accurately to illustrate perfectly. Your banner represents your brand. So, do some little investments for the betterment of your business.

How to upload the Banner In Etsy shop

Now you have done with making your Etsy shop banner. But it is essential to know how to upload it perfectly in your Etsy shop. Though it’s very easy I am discussing the method below-

  •       At first log in to your Etsy Account. From the top menu select on Your Account link & it will open your account page
  •       Now from the left side of the page select the Info & Appearance links & it will open a new page.
  •       Choose the Shop Banner Image Option & browse the file to attach your previously made banner.
Shop Banner Image Option
  •       After attaching the file click on the Save button & it will upload your banner image successfully.
  •       If you want to view the banner click on the shop icon from the header bar then you can see your uploaded banner like the below images.
shop icon from the header bar

Why not Template to Create Etsy Shop Banner?

I know there are huge built-in banner template is available to use as Etsy shop banner. When you use any template as your banner it fails to maintain uniqueness. It has a high chance that other shoppers can also use the same banner.

Currently, there are 2 million sellers are active in the Etsy marketplace. Can you guess the competition? If you use any template banner it can’t make you stand out in this competitive business field.

Your banner is the representative of your business aim & details. So, it needs to be unique & represent your own business idea. If you are a crafter your banner will be display everything about craft but if you sell vintage the banner will represent heritage.

The template won’t focus on your business needs. It will fail to represent the business objectives. Besides, the main disadvantage of the template is using the imperfect color. You need to apply a proper color contrast that matches with your brand logo & an exclusive combination that enhances the beauty of your product. When without any color contrasting absurd template color you select to use as banner it ruins the beauty of your beautiful products. It’s important to check whether the color can magnify the beauty of your products. When you make your banner in photoshop you can play with color.

Though some template allows modifications there are lots of limitations to modify it. As you need to differentiate your brand from others you must design a unique, exclusive outstanding banner that fulfills the requirements of your business.

When you use photoshop you can design from scratch that allows flexibility & depth control to design outstanding banner. You can create an eye-catchy exclusive banner in photoshop with your own concepts. That must ensure the diversity of your brand & create a positive impression on your shop. So, I will recommend avoiding any banner template.

Now you know everything about Etsy Shop Banner & how to make a stunning banner. A professional banner is enough to impress the visitors & convert them to customers. If you can create a relevant perfect banner according to your business type then you must gain success in your Etsy shop. As it is the site for creative people try to prove your creativity at the frontlines to bring authenticity. If you use your own concepts & follow my guidelines to make the banner you will definitely create your own identity & It will make your branding lucrative.

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