When you’re a photographer, You recognize that living in your profession can be very challenging. So, here I’m talking about selling photos on Esty. I believe that this shop is easy to set up and easy to sell photography. Selling Photos on Etsy is easy and profitable. Learn everything you need to know…

How Photographers Make Money From Etsy

Here I’m going, being honest with you. How the webshop makes money, it’s completely dependent on clients and gets done with your project. If you get clients then you can earn money easily. But if you won’t get any clients, you can’t earn money. For getting clients, you have to upload a good quality photograph.

Some people make money steadily, such as 20-40$ a month. Because they can’t give the actual effort in their shop or they don’t know the proper way to go fo it.

On the other side, Several people give proper effort into selling their pictures. For that, they are always trying to provide a good quality picture. They know how to set up their shop. They know what the audience needs so that they earn a lot of money, which is enough to quit their jobs for doing full-time business on Etsy.

So for making money, you need to know how to set up your shop, and audience needs. Never end up running your store if you spend too much time working on doing something perfectly. And always make improvements when you can find something up on the web.

Yes, It is right that you won’t become a millionaire. But you can earn enough money which can full fill your and your family’s needs.

Now the question is in your mind, who buys your image? I am giving an explanation of that in the below-

Are you confused about opening a website to sell photography online?

Etsy is a good place to sell photos. I noticed many photographers who are afraid to open a shop on Etsy. They think it’s very difficult to open a shop on Etsy and it’s harder to sell. They also believe that the earn bucks on Etsy are very laborious.

But I can assure you that Etsy helps to earn money easily.

Suppose you open an account an Etsy, and upload a good quality photo. That photo can be sold a hundred times and more. Thus, you don’t need to worry about earning. Because On Etsy, income is unlimited if it is possible to open an account and upload a quality image.

For instance, when you sleep in your residence, your webshop makes money. Ask, how? You will be able to repeatedly sale a picture. This is earning money while sleeping.

Who Buy The Images

Sell Photography

Now think that who will buy your photographs? Your photographs will buy Marketers, bloggers, graphic designers, website builders, and many others. Bloggers buy pictures for their content; the marketer probably needs your photographs for advertisement.

Understand how important your pictures will be? So don’t need to worry about who will buy your pictures. But your pictures must have to be stainless prints.

What types of Photographs can Sell On Etsy

Photographer has a great opportunity to sell their photograph on the Etsy store.

Photographers can sell Landscape, portrait, wildlife, book arts, and Digital printing arts. these photographs must be clear and eye-catchy.

I am giving an example, suppose you travel a lot. When traveling, you would like to take pictures. And shoot lots of pictures when you’re traveling. You can make a book about traveling with those pictures. Once again, I am telling that the photography prints must have been clear. By doing that, you can gain knowledge, experience. 

Alex. A Photographer and Etsy Saller

A few days back, I met with a guy whose name is Alex. A Photographer from Chicago. He takes photography as a passion. At one point to talk with him, I asked him how you would manage money for your study. He said, well, let me tell you how I can manage money for my study. I ran an Etsy shop a few years before.

And asked him what types of business it is? He replied to me that It is an online shop. At the time of uploading my traveling photos, you know that I like traveling and I took different types of pictures. These pictures help bloggers to make their content and articles beautifully. It is a good idea to run a business.

  • For an Etsy shop, having customer service is important. So, you need to be professional when communicating with customers. As a result, you can communicate with customers with a refreshing mind. If you face any problem, make sure that the problem can be solved positively.
  • For getting a better profit, you need to increase your sales and provide good quality photographs. Moreover, You have to edit your pictures properly. So, the pictures look good when printed out.

How to Start Own Etsy Photography Shop

Selling Photos on Etsy Step By Step

To start your journey here is a complete step by step guide, how you can begin. Clipping Path Center Inc. is trying to provide a brief guide for photographers and eCommerce Sellers. You can read our article on How To Photograph Clothing To Sell Online.

Make An Account
Give A Name Of Your Shop
Customizing your shop!
Set the Your Business policies for your own web store
Choose Image Types
Promote and market your shop.

Create An Account

If you want to sell your photograph on Etsy, then you need to create an account first. Account opening is a very easy process. First, you have to register by using your E-mail address.

After completing the registration, Go to the top of the screen and press on your account. Then click on the option “Sell on Etsy.”

After getting this page, you can see the “open your shop” option. So you have to go to this Open your shop option if you want to open a photography shop. Finally, on this page, you have to follow the process. Processes are Shop preferences, Name of your shop, Stock your shop, How you’ll get paid, and Set up billing.

After complete these steps, You can start your shop for selling photos on Esty.

Give An Eye-catchy Name For Your Shop that Represents your Photography

First, I want to say choose your shop name wisely. Because It will represent your photography. So you can go with your real name or try to make a unique name that is relevant to your brand. Because an Etsy photography shop name must have to be enticing, and amazing. You need to ensure that the Name symbolizes your product.

Customizing your Shop!

The personalization of your shop helps distinguish your brand from other Etsy stores. You can personalize your company in a number of ways.

Shop icons:

Icons are small images that appear in the top left of the homepage. That’s the place you can put the shop’s Icon.

Cover photos:

Cover photos are showing at the head over the shop homepage. These are the maximum pictures on any shop list, so be sure to follow your brand. Cover photos aren’t compulsory. And It can be viewed on any device such as a computer, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, etc.


It also an optional part of customization. And it is relevant to cover photos. Banners size normally big, so that’s why this isn’t shown in smartphones.

Remember that you can attract your potential customers with all of these customizations. Hence, you have to stay honest with your own brand.

Set the Your Business policies for your own web store

When you talk about your store’s policies, customer expectations are very important.
Setting shop policies. But you have to avoid possible conflict.

  • You need to mention whether or not you will accept returns and exchanges.
  • Try to maintain your shipping times.
  • Shipping charges and methods should be included.

Having For these policies, your shop will be professional and trustworthy.

Choose Image Types

Now, you are ready to make a list of your images for sale. Also, you can sale canvas prints, Arts, digital photos, and posters, etc. But make sure that when you make an image list, then you must have to use quality photos.

Otherwise, you can’t sell the pictures. You might select the best category and sub-category which would be suits your product. Don’t forget to add your pictures price and shipping cost.

A listing of Etsy might remain active for four months Until sold the pictures. If the listing won’t sale till four months, then you will renew the image listing for $0.20.

Image Size for Etsy

Etsy shop helps you to add your own banner, cover photo, profile photo, shop icon, and many more. I’m sharing with you the recommended size of these things. I believe that would be useful for you. 

  • Cover Photos: (3360 x 840) px. 
  • Profile Photo: (400 x 400) px.
  • Shop Icon: (500 x 500) px.
  • Shop Banner: (760 x 100) px.
  • Thumbnail: (570 x 456) px.
  • Team Logo: (170 x 100) px.

Read more:

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Promoting Your Shop Online

Make sure that you are using social media accounts. That would be Facebook, Instagram, and many others. You need to utilize these accounts properly to promote your shop and also the photographs which you are selling. For getting a customer, that’s your responsibility to promote your business.

To promote your business, you can also hire an SEO expert. He can help to rank your web pages. For that, you will get huge customers. Note that adding keywords will improve your ranking so that your work can be seen by a larger audience. Try to make it fun!

Some Helpful Tips For Selling Photos on Esty

Helpful Tips For Selling Etsy Shop

You make a customized shop which is looking good. Here I’m giving you some tips for the shop and selling photos on Etsy.

  • DPI stands for Dots per inch. While you print the image, then make sure that the DPI will be perfect. As the DPI becomes too high in the picture, the image looks blurry. As a result, no one will buy your images. On the other hand, If the DP becomes too low again, it looks bad. So you have to print the picture, keeping the DPI dimensions right. For that, you will get beautiful photographs.
  • The price depends on the quality of your images. If the quality of your image not so high, then you can sell the images at a lower price. Or if you provide a good quality image, then you can charge a higher amount of money. But keep in mind that don’t make overcharges for your photographs. As a result, you will lose your customers.
  • At the time of printing out your pictures, then make sure that your pictures don’t have scratches and stain. it’s better not to sell damaged prints anywhere. So try to take care of your prints. The customer sees the damaged prints, and won’t buy any photograph from you.
  • When you package your products for shipping, then you have to wrap them up carefully.
  • While a customer purchases any hand made things and photographs from you, then give them thank for their business. As a result, you can have a business relationship with them. Show them your thankful gesture for that they will remember you. And they will come to your shop the next time.
  • Remember that you don’t upload bad images on Etsy.
  • Don’t copy another photography idea. Create your own photography ideas. You know the copy is really a bad thing. And It will create a bad impression on customers’ minds.


If you read this article step by step, then understood how to run a shop for selling photos on Etsy easily. And how can get sell from your shop? If you are doing that business in the following ways, then you will be successful. Take it as fun running your own Etsy shop. One important thing is you have to be creative in this business. I hope you will be happy to do this business.

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