Why Cheap Retouching Services are Bad?

Do you know why cheap retouching services are bad most of the time? You can see that some of the photo retouching companies offering their work at a very low price and some are with high pricing. As you need your photo to retouch, what you have to do? 

You need to analyze the service in various ways. Price is obviously a big factor. But, from my experience of retouching services for thousands of pro photographers over the last 15 years, I know they care about quality first. 

Consequently, you obviously want good quality service at a cheap price. Doesn’t it? 

There are probably a thousand online photo editing & retouching service provider, promising to provide high quality works at different prices. And you may be confused to choose one. 

Here, I’m sharing with you the essential things to consider before hiring an expert. Let’s step into the shoes.

Using Cheap Retouching Services are Like Wasting of Time

Don’t waste your time spending with poor retouching service. If they don’t have experienced retouchers then how could they provide you better quality service? 

Why Cheap Retouching Services are Bad

Suppose you are not satisfied with your current company that you are working with. For that, they provide you their service at a cheap price that would be disastrous for you. So go away from there. And try to find out the best photo retouching service at a good price with good quality service. And save your precious time.

You can see a lot of photo editing service providers on the web. But you have to choose the best service in your discernment.

I’m giving you some clues on what types of problems you’ll face if you choose a bad retouching provider company.

Lost natural look:

Using Cheap Vs Affordable Retouching Services

when you choose cheap retouching services, the picture will lose the natural beauty. Because they do the retouching so fast by their limited resources. And they don’t have experienced people in their company. So That, the pictures look unreal and blurry. See a natural look is very important. No one likes unreal or blurry pictures.

Auto smoothen/ strengthen software is not perfect:

Cheap companies most often use automatics software to smoothen or strengthen. But manual and automated software that’s a different thing.  In manual software like photoshop, gimp, affinity photo allows us to control smoothen and strengthen levels. This means one can easily adjust those properties by judging the need for a specific image. Whereas, the auto or pre-made setting can’t achieve what you demand. The subject’s skin may look unreal, the background gets blurry or the model face in the image looks too smooth.

On the other hand, in terms of noise adjustment, if you do that by using automated software then the noise adjustment won’t properly. But if you do that from a good retouching expert then they do it by hand in adobe photoshop software. That would be amazing as well as attract your target audience’s eye. 

Presets and Plugins are not appropriate for all images:

Presets vs Plugins vs CPC retouching jobs

Professional photo editing companies don’t use presets when they edit clients’ pictures. They always think about two things. One is visualized your clients desired end result and the other one is they use their tools and software for their specific end result or specific project. 

Noobs are editing your image:

newbie vs pro retouching work

You may agree with me, If someone wants to hire photo editors cheaply, he/she probably ends up hiring a newbie. It doesn’t always mean the beginner editors are not skillful. They are skillful but not very experienced. In this photo editing field, you need to edit the photos from the best service providers. That’s why I can say that they don’t settle for low rate retouching jobs. 

Photo Editing Mistakes in Cheap Retouching Service

Now let’s look at the common flows of cheap services.

1. Too Much Skin Retouching

Skin usually includes the majority of the time we dedicate to retouching a person, and sometimes the 1st aspect that can produce or break the picture. The physical properties of the skin vary greatly based on a variety of factors: the color of the skin, the size of the pores, the noticeable facial hair, the blemishes, scabbards. Hair is also distinctive on various body parts, with a different texture, hair thickness, pore size, reflections of occurrences of light and shadow.

But Cheap services do their work very fast. And they give you the service very fast. For that reason, they can’t make good quality image editing. 

2. The Eyes Are Too Bright

Most photographers want a contrast between the eyes of their subjects. In low price service providers do this mistake most. They make the subject’s eye too bright. Which isn’t look good. That’s why We use the dodging tool to lighten the eye’s iris. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t hit a mark when they do this because the eyes are sore. Be careful how much of the iris you lighten, if you don’t go to another worldly fairy look. 

3. Color Tonality Is Off

Many colors, since their tones are too distinct, do not suit one another.

It happens most often if they try to divide the picture frame. It means the shadows and highlights color are selected separately. Make sure the colors suit and ensure that the sound is the same. Some of it uses your own hand. It means that your computer is properly calibrated.

 And remember that, Photo editing is one of the main things that make good quality work. 

4.  Over-Cropping or Using the Wrong Aspect Ratio

The basic principles of composition involve leaving sufficient negative space in a photo. The picture will feel claustrophobic when the subject is too compositionally closed. Remember that, the over-cropping of an image is a very common editing error. 

Try to avoid that by removing the golden ratio and other composition principles in line with the rule of thirds. The ratio is a secondary problem of cropping. This is the area where photographers are troubled. 

Your picture has to be the perfect size for printing pictures. The size of the printing press or the photo printer is wrong and leads to problems. So, learn more about the selection of the right proportion for your photo here.

5.Too Much HDR

First of all, what is HDR stands for? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a kind of picture with a wide range of dynamic highlights and shadows. If your subject goes beyond the dynamic range of the camera, the highlights appear to be too white and clean. The dark ones, also, could get too dark and lose information. With HDR you can put the highlights and shadows in the range you want.

6. Over-Sharpening

The emphasis of the camera and the contrasting effect on your subject influence the sharpness of the pictures. To have a sharp picture, the contrast must be made. The subject won’t look 3D unless there is little contrast in the frame. Whether or not the focus is fine.

For example, our vision identifies the sharpness of the edges. And it tracks the depth of a subject using shadows and highlights. Additional post-processing sharpening will make the edges more significant. I do so, too.

Moreover, so much sharpening can lead to a lot of unnecessary noise and halos. Not all of these are great photo addition! Also, don’t seek to sharpen the focus Without hours and highly trained to sharpen selectively, it won’t work. 

I recommend a high pass filter to be sharpened. Use no sharpening process pre-programmed. The high pass filter provides maximum control over your picture’s edges and sharpening strength.

Why Does Cheap Company Can’t Provide You Good Quality Service?

In inferior retouching services, they don’t have a dedicated designer. For that reason, they can’t provide you good quality service. They don’t have that much capacity to make good quality work. If you want to get a quality service then you have to choose a reputed photo retouching service provider. They have dedicated designers who have that much capability to do that. 

Truth About Cheap Retouching Providers:

Most often these types of services are not good because most of the time they use presets, automated software, and tools. So, what is presets? Presets are the way in which Adobe Lightroom saves a set of editing adjustments because you can quickly start applying the same adjustments to multiple pictures.

For this preset, the images don’t look good. And they lost their clients. Also, you will lose your clients if you get poor retouching services. 

Furthermore, By using presets your pictures will have many issues such as skin texture problems, burry images, Color tone problems, and sharpness problems, etc. 

Flows of cheap retouching

So, Don’t Hire Cheap Retouching Service, Do This instead!

Retouching a photo is the last step in producing a good photo, and it adds that last touch of the artist. But when you edit the picture too much then you see that the pictures are not looking real. It looks fake. Retouching is like an art. You can do whatever you want. But do that work perfectly.

Choose Fixed Price Retouching Providers

Sometimes the fixed price can be beneficial or sometimes not.  But at a fixed price in basic retouching, they provide you a full package such as ( Light correction, red-eye effect removal, blemish removal, scar, pimple, acne, face skin smoothening, teeth whitening, color correction, and image cropping). Suppose in basic retouching, you need only these three things: blemish removal, scar removal, face skin smoothing. 

When you go for a full package then they just only provide you what you need. Because your pictures have a light correction, color correction like those types of editing. For that, at a fixed price you are giving them a lot of money.  


Choose Flexible Price Retouching Providers:

Flexibility is great. When you are looking for a flexible price then the service providers first analyze your every single picture carefully. After analyzing those pictures we will tell you the price. Actually, the price Depends on what a picture looks like. Flexible price requires such as:

  • Quantity of Images.
  • The time it will consume during production.
  • Require Turnaround Time.
  • The complexity of the images.

Clipping Path Center Inc provides a flexible price for each photo editing project. You can take a free trial to judge our quality and get a free quote for batch photo editing and retouching jobs.


On the other hand, Some other companies provide good quality service at a surprisingly reasonable price. Because they are appreciated by pros. And they don’t do any scamming. They always try to provide you better service. They have dedicated designers in their company. You can also trust them.

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