Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas 2023

Flat-lay photography is the best way to showcase the clothing collections of an eCommerce business. Potential clients are drawn in by how items are displayed in flat-lay photography.

It is also cost-effective if you wish to use flat-lay images for sales strategy.

Flat lay photography is simple to work with. But you must adhere to specific procedures to get the most outcomes in a photo session.

It is crucial to employ natural lighting or lighting arrangement and the appropriate photography equipment. You can’t take a picture of the clothes and post it online; there are several things to do.

Knowing the best Flat lay clothing photography ideas can benefit you. I will discuss some of the best ideas for Flat lay clothing photography in this article. Explore these ideas, apply them and get the best outcomes.

Before digging into other facts, first, we should know What flat lay photography is?

What is Flat Lay Photography?

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas

The flat lay photograph is a type of photography where photos are captured from above. And the most important thing is that the subjects should place on a flat/level surface to capture pictures.

The background, as well as the staging area for the subjects in the picture, is a level area underneath. You may utilize flat-lay photographs for a wide range of subjects and aesthetics in natural light.

Its simplicity makes it ideal for producing exciting content that can stand. It’s an excellent way to showcase products while operating an eCommerce business.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas 2023

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas 2023

Explore these top best Flat Lay Clothing Photography Tips and Ideas. These can help you capture professional quality Flat Lay Photography. So you will be able to showcase your products.

Place on a Flat Surface

flat surface clothing photography

A flat surface is the best idea for flat-lay clothing photography. The light from the source incident on a flat surface reflects better than on other surfaces. It will help you capture a better picture.

So, all you have to do is place the clothing or garments on a plain or flat surface. You should use a mat or hard cloth over the surface and put the clothes.

It will help you keep the cloth stable. The background of the apparel in flat-lay photography is crucial to getting the perfect shot.

You should use a solid color mat or hard cloth. So, capture a picture and remove the background yourself or with the help of a pro make a white background.

Capture by Hanging

Capture by hanging clothing photography

Capture by hanging on the wall is not Flat lay clothing photography, but it is almost relevant. Flat-lay clothing photography not only means using a flat surface, but you can also use a vertical surface. All you have to do is use a hanger and hang the cloth on the wall.

You can also place a hard paper board inside the clothes. It will give the clothes much more stability. Now capture the image in the presence of enough light. After capturing the photo, it will look like the previous one.

Since the hanger hangs the clothing by the neck and shoulder, the appearance will also differ.

Manual Shooting

flat lay photography

Using a ladder and a hand-held camera to create flat lay photography is one of the easiest methods. Products placed on a table or the floor will be shootable.

The lighting may be placed anywhere in the area, and the entire arrangement resembles a conventional picture studio.

Use a Tripod

Use a Tripod for flat lay photography

Utilizing a tripod provides a more accurate and secure technique for taking pictures from above. To take a flat lay, you may tilt the camera vertically using the moveable center column found on most tripods.

Otherwise, you can also buy a lateral attachment arm. It can connect to the tripod to place the camera, so it is tilted downward over the flat lay.

Organizing Clothing for Photography

Organizing Clothing for Photography

Organizing clothing is one of the most crucial parts of flat-lay clothing photography. Several DIY options can assist you in taking advantage of the advances in flat-lay photography.

The simplest methods are arranging tablecloths, handbag assortment, or matching placing. Place each item of clothing in its proper location or where it matches best.

Alternately, line up the clothing such that it seems to be well-organized. Additionally, this is significant for flat-lay clothing photography concepts.

Using Black Paper Gives a Unique Look

Using Black Paper for flat lay photography

Use black cloth/paper rather than a white background to give the surface a unique atmosphere. Colors soften rather than stand out against a dark background. It’s still an intriguing idea for a backdrop, though.

The usage of black paper is very beneficial in Flat lay clothing photography. Velvet is, without a doubt, the greatest material to use with black backdrops.

Black or dark backgrounds work well for creating texture. You can also utilize them for writing on backdrops if you’d like.

Choose the Perfect Lay Style

Choose the Perfect Lay Style

While snapping the shots, keep your clothing as accessible as feasible. It will provide you with more space to work with later, especially during post-processing.

Cloths Photo Editing can assist the clothing company in distinguishing out from its competitors the further you can accomplish with it.

Depending on the style, there should be a variety of flat-lay clothes photography suggestions. There is more than one approach that applies to the categories. Decide on the ideal lay arrangement for the specified clothing.

Capture by Folding Clothes

Capture by Folding Clothes

Folding clothes and capturing images is a unique and creative Flat lay clothing photography idea. Additionally, you may improve your photography by strategically folding your clothes. Fold the clothing smartest, place it on the surface and capture a photo.

You can place one or multiple clothes on a flat surface and then capture an image. You can also place any beautification item to make the picture more beautiful. It is one of the best ways to showcase multiple clothes in one frame.

Avoid Limiting Frame

Avoid Limiting Frame

While snapping the shots, keep your clothing as accessible as workable. It will provide you with more space to work with later, especially during post-processing.

A wide frame will give you much more versatility to further work than a limited frame. Editing can assist the clothing company in distinguishing out from its competitors the further you can accomplish with it.

Ensure Angle Variation

Ensure Angle Variation

The lofty, central perspective, then, might not require much adjustment. So, periodically turning the focus to the left or even right might offer some variation.

When shooting flat-lay photography, capturing the three-dimensionality of clothes might be challenging.

Because they lay flat on the ground, the clothing sometimes resembles paper cutouts. Ensure lower angle exposure for your clothing to stand out against the background.

Ensure Visible Details

Ensure Visible Details

Many people think it’s easy to style clothing. However, one of the most difficult components of product photography is learning it. It might be challenging to tell whether you’ve folded some clothing improperly.

The secret is to arrange your clothing to accentuate your best features.

In product photography, be sure to draw attention to the print and typography on a T-shirt. As a result, avoid folding sleeves shirts the same way you would a regular t-shirt. Show the audience the item’s enormous sleeves.

Clothes must be arranged in a precise way so that they can easily distinguish.

Use Appropriate Kits

Kits for Flat lay clothing photography

When going to Flat lay clothing photography, you should use the appropriate kits to get this job done. From camera lenses to lighting kits, everything you should select wisely.

When it comes to lens selection for Flat lay clothing photography, you can use any lens.

You must avoid using a focal length shorter than 50mm for flat-lay photography. Much like a camera lens, you must use appropriate lighting kits for this type of photography.

The three-light setup is the preferred one. It will help you get the maximum outcomes.

How Does Flat Lay Photography Differ from Traditional Photography?

Flat-lay clothing photography is a type of photography where the photographer takes photos from above. Mainly they place the subject/subjects on a flat/level surface and capture the image from above.

flat lay photographs

In flat lay photographs, the lens and the surface are levels from a specified distance.

You won’t observe any perspectives as an outcome. Instead, a specific angle taken from the same elevation just above the surface is depicted in the photograph. In flat-lay photography, all pictures must be taken from the top down.

Although a flat lay requires placing elements on a flat surface, your shot might not look.

Today’s designers and photographers mostly employ flat-lay photos to emphasize their goods or to promote their brands. It is a fantastic way to display different garment textures, patterns, and colors.

Generally, flat lays are orderly, appealing to the glance, and still convey some feeling. Additionally, DIYing them is relatively easy.

Benefits of Flat Lay Photography in the eCommerce Business?

Benefits of Flat Lay Photography

Flat-lay photography is imaginative, distinctive, and simple to work with. It’s also cost-effective to use flat-lay photography in your marketing plan. You may ask about the benefits of Flat Lay Photography in the eCommerce Business. Let’s explore it:

  • Easy and effortless: The very first and foremost benefit of Flat Lay Photography is it is simple to work with. You don’t need to be a well-known photographer to take a flat-lay shot. You only need an excellent background, great lighting, and a simple product arrangement to get the best outcome.
  • Cost-Effective: The arrangement for flat-lay clothing photography doesn’t require any significant preparation. A flat surface, clothes, a dependable light source, and a top-notch camera are all needed. Most notably, you can also shoot pictures using a smartphone.
  • Provides Aesthetic View: The central emphasis of flat-lay photography is clothing. Additionally, how the clothing is photographed makes their qualities stand out and appear authentic. Customers are drawn to the graphics because of their uncomplicated visual appeal. Furthermore, it is essential since it could help build consumer confidence in the business.
  • Creates a tale: You may use flat-lay photos to reflect a tale about clothing products. A buyer will be more likely to think, “That dress would be perfect for me” by the perfect clothing management. Customers may thus imagine situations in which the goods that company owners provide constitute the “ideal ensemble.” Therefore, it will assist them in increasing sales.
  • Multipurpose Usability: You can utilize the outcomes of Flat-lay clothing photography in various ways since they are unique and straightforward. These pictures are usable on websites, blog posts, and social networking platforms. Its versatility makes it one of the best ways to go through.


How do you take a flat picture without shadows?

You can take a flat picture without shadows by maintaining several things. The first and foremost thing you should do is to ensure enough lighting. You can also eliminate shadows from flat images by providing the perfect viewing angle. Shadow can also be destroyed by using flash.

What are the required gears for flat lay photography?

You only need a little gear for flat-lay photography. The first gear you will need is a camera. You can also use your smartphone’s camera instead of a high-end camera.
You will also need a tripod, yet, you can capture it manually. Getting one or multiple flashlights will also benefit you. The last thing you will need is a solid color cloth or paper.

Final Notes

Flat-lay clothing photography is a fantastic, straightforward option for showcasing your clothing. It is the most recent fashion photograph trend. It will also often be used to produce eCommerce product images.

Flat-lay clothing photography poses a unique set of difficulties. The Flat lay clothing photography ideas above will help you get the best outcome.

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